Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye Running With Mal

So, last night was a sad day for me, because it was my last night with MaloRee. She heads back to the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada for Vet school. God, stupid Mal with her stupid dreams and ambitions. GRRRR!

Our plan was to go run and then eat. She made salmon and corn with fat free brownies (I only knew about the salmon and corn). After eating, our thought was to go hang out at a bar (not to get completely wasted...just a few drinks). However, I got off work late again (it's been this way for a week now). I still had to drop off the kiddoes at a friend's house since I am in Grand Junction again this week for work. Oh and I'm already on the whole running in nice weather, not Africa weather, scrape your skin off the sidewalk weather.

Anyhoo, I didn't get there until well after 8:30 p.m., but we still wanted to run. They finally opened up the other side of the walking/running sidewalk trail in her neighborhood. So, we walked up there and walked around almost the entire outer/inner loop when I finally said, "Hey, do we wanna run?" We just got so caught up in talking and walking that we forgot to run. We ran the rest of that loop and then ran on the other side of the bridge (both inner and outer loop). Then, we ran back to the other side where we started. By this time, it was hot and dark. I even took off my shirt to run in my sports bra. Thank God, it was dark and you couldn't see my roly poly tummy. We made it all the way around the outer loop when the fact that I was sore from boot camp and yoga caught up with me. The back of my thighs hurt something fierce. But I was still proud of myself for running a lot more than I expected. We walked the rest of the inner loop and then walked home.

After we got home, she heated up the food (not as good heated up) and then we went to see Crazy, Stupid Love. She's become my movie buddy, as well as my running partner in crime. The movie was awesomely funny. I highly recommend it. It could've been cancer.

I said goodbye to her this morning for what seemed like forever. I didn't want to let her go and she almost made me cry. Stupid Mal. She was one of the few rocks by my side keeping me grounded during this whole last year horrible ordeal. I got used to her being here this summer and I'm going to miss her, but at least we can still talk on the phone every night!


  1. Now how much is that going to cost!!!! It is sad when a great friend leaves but just remember she might very well be a vet on the other side of the world when she is through with vet school.

    BTW, we have goodies for you from the 2011 Porsche Parade

  2. Mom, she has already done a semester in Grenada. Remember, I bought her one of your pictures as a going away present.

    Can't wait to see them.


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