Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bootcamp and Yoga

I was supposed to go to Hatha Yoga on Monday, but I needed an exercise break. I have been go go go for a couple of weeks now. Even if I'm not running or doing classes, I'm walking the dogs for 1.5 miles a day. Monday, I took a much needed break, but I was back on Tuesday.

My bootcamp class started at 6 a.m. and guess what? I got to wear my new running shoes. Normally, I would probably just wear my Nikes for bootcamp, but Shirley makes us run to warm up and cool down. Weird, I know. So, I was happy to use that as an excuse to wear them. And I might say, they are wonderful, awesome, excellent, God like shoes. But back to the bootcamp. It wasn't has hard as other bootcamps, but effective. Bikes, squats, kettleball, medicine ball, bogo thingy, stairs, STAIRS, STAIRS. I have come to hate it when they say stairs. Last week, we had to do stair drills 4 times. Yesterday, it was 5. Run up and walk down 5 times. I hate it. Even though, this class kicks my ass, it still made me feel good. I just wished it carried throughout the day. This is the time where I really miss my kickboxing classes. If I had stress or pinned up anger, it punched or kicked it right out for an hour or 2.

That evening (late), I took All Levels Vinyasa yoga class. I haven't taken this class, but the other classes that I have taken use Vinyasa in some way. It was hard and calmed my mind, which I needed really bad. She never turned on the AC or fans and it was hot. At one point, I kept slipping on my sweat that had created a puddle on my mat. Oh and when I did the Chaturanga (push up pose), my arm tweaked really bad. I guess it was all the pushups I did in bootcamp, but I couldn't do that move anymore the rest of the class. Oh well. I liked this class, but I get more out of Cardio Yoga or Yoga for Athletes (which uses alot of the same moves). And when I want to calm my brain in relaxing, just stretching yoga, I take Hatha Yoga. I probably won't do this class again...maybe.

I've got Hatha Yoga today and then, I have to take my dogs on the long walk. My poor Lab looks longingly at the outside of my apartment.

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