Monday, July 18, 2011

Muggles Can Run Without Magic

Yes, that's right, I got hit with the Harry Potter fever after my run with Mal on Thursday. Don't judge me.

I wanted to get to her area by 6:15 p.m., so we could run a decent amount and have enough time to clean up and get to the movie theater early enough for good seats for both Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 (at midnight). However, this was the one day of the week where I got swamped at work until the last second I turned off my computer and headed out before anyone else grabbed me. I didn't meet up with her until well after 6:30 p.m. And since I didn't have a magic broom to whisk me there quickly, I had to rely on my car and navigating through traffic. So, our planned run of 4 laps total, maybe 5 was cut short. I called her to tell her that I wasn't going to make it on time and to head to the park to start without me. The run is a 0.75 mile lap. I pulled in just as she was running right next to my car (good timing if I don't say so myself...yeah, it could've been magic). I didn't stretch all that much and we got to the walking for a quick warmup. We ran all the way around and stopped at my car. I did notice that my right knee was hurting, which was strange. I also noticed that this run was less sun painful due to the storm clouds brewing all around us (nicely shaded and cooled). Could this be Voldemort coming to get us?

We walked some more on the second lap, which was more of a walk since Mal was tired. We picked up the run again later. I didn't make it far (about the water fountains) before I had to stop again due to my knee. We picked up the run again, but I only lasted about 100 ft if that since my knee just hurt. It felt like it was about to snap. It didn't hurt on the walk, only while running. During our short stint of running, this kid was riding his scooter thingy (not sure what to call it) and everytime we tried to pass him, he would speed up to get in front of us. Punk kid. Our final part of the lap ended with walking to my car (Mal to her car) and then we drove back to the house to get ready. There was no stretching.

Now, we didn't get a full run in like we planned, but some exercise is better than none. Plus, we didn't sweat all that much requiring a shower, which is good since we were out of time.

We both felt alittle sick about eating theater food or fast food after our workout; therefore, we wanted to eat healthy. Mal had made us turkey sandwiches on this small pita looking bread and packed up carrots, apples, and seaweed to take to the movies. I brought apricots, sesame seaweed cookies, and these large kiwis (forgot the knife, so Mal peeled with her fingertips) for both of us. And I'm happy to report that even with one of our friends loaded with all sorts of sugary chocolate goodness and the wonderfully divine smell of popcorn, we stayed away from the bad. I guess we had a touch of the Harry Potter strength or it could have been the fact that Mal would yell at me like some nun at Catholic school if I even hinted at bad food and the line for the popcorn was so long causing a delay in our midnight showing. The only thing we bought was a big bottle of water and just filled it up at the water fountain each time we went to the bathroom. So, not only was it a cheap trip to the theater, but it was healthy, too. First time in ages.

Now, on to the magical goodness of the last movie, Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2...and the sights. People were dressed up and people of all ages were there at midnight. This one lady had a Got Potter? shirt, which Mal plans to get for her boyfriend, who we call Potter. The movie was awesome and kept me on my toes. The snake alone made me jump out of my seat. But I'm still a Star Wars fan and will always be one. They are just way cooler.


  1. ROTFLMAO !!!!!!! YAY !!!!! Sounds like ya'll had fun !!! And yeah - alittle exercise is better than none, right !!!! And besides, a good healthy snacky food IS better than movie food ! Oh but the popcorn smells so freakin good ! GOOD FOR YOU !!!

  2. Kristi, you will always be a Star Wars fan since you were only 5 years old when Star Wars came to the theatre.


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