Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Saturday was about the craziest and greatest day of the week for my exercising. I started out the morning with a run around my apartments. I really wanted to walk the 1.8 miles to Hermann Park, run one lap (1.89 miles) around the running trail, and then walk the 1.8 miles back to my apartment, but the storm clouds, they were a brewing. And since we have had some crazy storms lately, I didn't want to be caught 1.8 miles away and forced to walk home in the rain. If you have read previous posts, I'm not one for running in the rain. So, I decided to just run the loop around my apartment again, which should be 1 mile.

This time, I went counterclockwise starting with the heavily exposed side to the sun first so that I can end up with the shaded area for the last part. I did some quick stretching, turned on my ipod to play all (using one ear and turned lower than usual), walked to the stop sign by the gas station, and then started the run. The sky was cloudy, which made for a cooler than usual run...if you can actually say that during the Texas Summer months. Again, I tried focusing on my form, correcting my posture and stride. I also tried to calm down my breathing by taking deeper, more relaxed breaths as I ran. Before I knew it, I was to the main street and passing another lady that was running slow. I couldn't believe I thought that about another runner, which makes me think that I'm finally FINALLY picking up my pace like it used to be back in the day (last year). I began to get a pep in my step, thinking that I could actually finish this loop in a decent amount of time if I had a watch to tell how much time I'm running so I'm not just kidding myself. Unfortunately, I'm not like Mal who can tell how much time it took us to run X amount of miles just by looking at her feet. Yeah, that's right, I called you out Mal.

I ran all the way back to the stop sign where I started and then walked back to my apartment. I wanted to run another loop around, but the storm clouds moved fast to cover my apartments. So, I played it safe and decided to cut my run short. However, it never rained and I felt like a moron. I guess better safe than sorry.

Normally, I would stretch when I got home, but I wanted to try something new. I have been reading Runner's World magazine since it's a special edition for half marathon training (go get it if you haven't already and maybe I should get a subscription). There was a section about stretching in the water, which increases flexibility and prevents soreness. So, I put on my super tight one piece swimsuit that felt like it was cutting off my circulation (yeah, I haven't worn this in a while) and headed to my pool. I brought the magazine with me, because some of the stretches were new to me. I did each one twice (the first two, I didn't quite get the first time around). Boy, did those stretches feel good in the water. I felt relaxed. I even did some butterfly swimming without using leg support; I only used my arms to swim 4 laps in the pool. It was a workout for sure. I felt invigorated.

But the day wasn't over. I mean you have to wonder why I titled this post BOUNCE! BOUNCE! BOUNCE! I wasn't going to title a post about what my chest does during a run with a bad sports bra (unless I just bought a running sports bra and wanted to review it). Well, my niece's third birthday party was held at Bouncing Bears, which is a place that has a whole lot of inflatable bouncing objects for all levels and all ages (okay, mostly for kids, but it didn't say I COULDN'T bounce). The first time I hopped on an open bouncing mat, I felt weird since I was the only adult on it. But really, I'm a kid trapped in an adult's body and the lady at the security line in Grand Junction did say I didn't even look 18. Shouldn't that count for something?

I brought out my youngest niece and carried her in my right arm, while I bounced away. I didn't even bounce full blast, because I had a 1 year old in my arms and my brother had already threatened to kill me if I dropped her. Plus, the kids that were all around me got a little rowdy when they were bouncing making it hard to bounce and balance myself. By the end of the first session, my legs were burning and I was sweating. I didn't realize that this was exercise. It never felt like that when I was a kid, but then again, they never had these great places when I was a kid. We just got 1 big inflatable thing for a school carnival and then it's basically survival of the fittest with 50,000 other kids all jumping at once. I took on the boys, of course. They weren't going to kick me out.

I got back in to another inflatable thing with my 1 year old niece, but this one was a closed in one with slides. We bounced for about 30 minutes in which I have only seen my niece get this excited and that was for balloons. She was giggling and talking and fist pumping (I know for a fact that my brother watches Jersey Shore and I suspect this is where she got it from). At one point, I tried to sit my big butt on the inflatable tool looking thing. It deflated pretty quickly. I swear those damn kids made it looked easy and stable. So, I kind of slid/rolled off of it into a sit position, gracefully placing my niece in front me also sitting and then looked around like, yeah, I meant to do that. And then, I just bounced with her in sitting position.

After about 5 minutes, I was trying to come out (not graceful at all since the hole is small and kids were just piling through) and my stepdad wanted to see if she would bounce standing up. I took her back in and then we bounced for another 10 minutes, while kids were crowding around us. I handed that baby off with jelly legs and arms and completely covered in sweat.

After we did the opening of presents (which took awhile since my niece could care less...she wanted to bounce just like her auntie), I went back out on the open one. My oldest niece would see me and just run at me, headbutt me, tell me to grab her arms so we can jump together, and then fall. She loved it and had the time of her life. Then, her friend saw this and wanted to do it, too; she latched on to me. We jumped and held hands and went higher than usual. I noticed that other kids gravitated to the adults mainly because they knew they could bounce higher with a bigger person's wake so to speak. So, it was funny to see these little kids just shoot up in the air and slam on to the matt. I was never even in full bounce. This little girl (my niece's friend) told me that I was her friend now, especially since we had the same socks and that I was the coolest aunt ever. That tugged at my heart strings. I kept bouncing with her as her mother is giving me the "I'm sorry" look. I didn't care. I was bouncing, too.

When it was time to go, I was tired, sweaty, and complete jelly. I never realized how much those bouncing things are a great workout and I needed it for all the sweets I ate when I was there (Damn you M&Ms and cupcake cakes). Plus, I made a new friend. I couldn't beat this great day. However, by Sunday, my arm and legs were sore. I could barely lift my right arm, because I was carrying my niece a good portion of my jumping time. Those babies aren't light. I say, if you have kids, find out where one of these things are located and get to bouncing. I will volunteer everytime to go with my niece if I get to BOUNCE! BOUNCE! BOUNCE!

This is the only picture I could get from the party. See how my little niece's hair is just blowing, which denotes jumping. I'm not sure what my other niece is doing...praying to the jumping Gods maybe. This photo is courtesy of my awesome photographer mother, Kandace Heimer at kandfoto.com. No, I wasn't paid for this advertisement, but I should!

On a side note, this morning, I tried something new with my morning workout (some from Runner's World suggestions on cross training exercises after a run): 2 sets of 25 squats, 2 sets of 30 second planks, 50 front crunchs, 30 side crunches (each side) and 2 sets of 25 situps (whoa! hard!). I tried to do lunges like it suggested, but it didn't feel right. I will try again another time. I liked adding in the planks. I'm probably not going to run tonight, because it's raining (expected to all day) and I have an early dinner to go to with a friend. So, hopefully running will happen Wednesday through Sunday. Plus, I just bought 12 bootcamp sessions for $30 from livingsocial.com and a month of unlimited yoga for $45 at groupon.com. I'm committed now!

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