Monday, July 11, 2011

Easy Weekend Exercising

Okay, my whole plan was to run all weekend long. Really. I swear. I even brought home my ipod earphones just for this reason. However, when Saturday rolled around, I just didn't feel like running in the morning. It was even cool, but that was due to the storms coming. Yes, I blame it on the rain just like Manilli Vanilli.

Mal came over again on Saturday to have a girls night and spend the night for a Sunday morning run. It seems that I look forward to our sleepovers every weekend (too bad, she's leaving me this weekend). When she got there, we took the dogs to the big open field to throw the ball for a bit. It's a great mile roundtrip (roughly...okay, maybe not really, but the mile police won't get me) walk. Plus, I get an arm workout by throwing the ball for the kiddos. The problem is that my dogs only last about 10-15 minutes. As an added bonus, I get more of an arm workout on the walk, because the dogs are everywhere on the leash, pulling my arms. Lady was absolutely horrible this weekend. She pulled my arms so much. Thank God, Mal was there to take 1 dog and take both dogs when I had to clean up their business.

Later on in the evening, Mal really wanted to go running. She was jonesin' for it. However, I just spend almost $80 for a really great pedicure and was not about to put my cleaned up feet in tennis shoes and take a chance of wrecking them during a run. So, I compromised in walking after our delicious Asian/Texan dinner. We also decided to take the dogs again on the walk, which included walking to just past the Kroger's. This is a great distance and also included an arm workout. Did I mention that Lady was awful on the leash this weekend?

On a side note, we were walking back and this really creepy truck making this creepy, squeaky sound slowly drove by us. That put us on a alarm and I grabbed the mace. This area is not the greatest after dark, especially if you are a woman. He pulled in to the driveway and turned around, heading back to us slowly. I said, "Should we run?" We were close to the entrance to my apartments. So, we did. And then we stopped running when we saw that he was picking up someone at the nursing home. As I was slowing to walk, Lady ran right in front of me and slammed in to my bad ankle. I limped all the way home. It's still hurting. I don't care if we looked like scared morons and received an injury for really nothing, you should always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared.

Sunday morning, I woke up Mal. I should have woke her up earlier, but she looked so peaceful sleeping. Unfortunately, it was getting hotter. So, at almost 9 a.m., we stretched and headed out the door. We walked passed the main stop sign and then started running. As we neared the main intersection, I said, "Let's run around the block since that's a mile and we will have more shade." And we did. We ran and ran and ran, but I forgot the back part, which was all sun. I had to stop for 20 ft of walking before we picked up the run again. As we reached the Texaco by my apartment, I stopped, but Mal yelled at me to keep up the run until we got to the entrance. So, I did.

Mal this whole time was not very motivated to run. I had to get her to walk to the stop sign so we can get more of a cooldown. And then she started wittling down. She agreed to keep walking to the bus stop. When we got to the bus stop, she agreed to go to the main intersection and then, she agreed to go around the block again (but walking). I was okay with walking. However, some where along the last part, I started to run again and we did all the way to the entrance.

High-fives all around for us. We did two loops around the block (which is really longer than a traditional block). I was sweaty and tired, but felt good. I need more of those types of runs.

This morning, I tried to do Jackie's Extreme Abs, but the cable guy somehow messed up my DVD player hookup. It was too early to figure this out. So, after my shower, I did 2 sets of 25 squats, 50 front crunches, 30 side crunches (each side), and 20 situps. I really need more exercise though.

Next up, Mal and I are running on Thursday (for real this time) and then off to see the new Harry Potter flick. Wish me luck with all the nerds.

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  1. Glad to hear you are on your running mode again albeit in the extreme heat of summer. In Texas, it's hot at 8 am but at least its not that oppressive heat of late afternoon. Why don't you run at Hermann or Memorial park?

    And it's comforting to know that y'all are on alert while out in that neighborhood.


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