Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hotel Treadmill Running

Sorry for the double posts today, but I wanted to write about my workout this morning before I forget my stats. I was supposed to write my post about Saturday's run on Sunday, but I was too busy and traveling yesterday. I'm going to be too busy tomorrow to write anything since I should already be in Grand Junction right now. Our flight was almost there when the Captain came on the intercom to tell us that we were turning around, going back to Dallas due to the 60 mph wind and unsafe landing conditions. My flight leaves today at 2 p.m. since everyone got assigned the 9 a.m. flight. Anyhoo.

I took the time to head to the gym since I can't get in to my company intranet and I needed a break from reading the very large binder of material in preparation for tomorrow's meeting. It took awhile to find the gym, which is weird since this is a small hotel. But they should have a sign in the lobby that says the exercise room is out by the pool instead of making us walk down the hallways to get to it. Anyways, I digress. I got in there and started to stretch. I noticed a guy just standing there drinking water (an employee) and I wondered if he is just going to stay there to watch. My butt would certainly be faced in his direction; this made me uncomfortable, but he left (thank God). I had the remote to control the big television, but it was too my side. This would be okay for now, but not when I start running. I could just picture myself watching something and then just slipping right off the treadmill.

I started walking at a speed of 2.5, but with one step, I apparently burned 16 calories. I'm not sure that is even possible. I walked to 0.10 and then turned it up to 5.0 to start my run. I ran at that speed until probably around 0.33 when I decided that I could barely breathe (working on getting in shape) and decreased the speed to 4.6. This was much better. It was somewhat hard, but I kept staring at my butt in the window reflection. It looked massive; it was just all butt and it made me run more to get rid of such a big butt. Then, National Geographic started showing skydivers doing a 16-Way CRW jump and then a record breaking base jump. This got my attention and distracted me, which was good since I was starting to get really tired and full of negative thoughts at 0.85. I ran to 1.10 (had to add the extra 0.10 to make up for my pre-run) and then walked to 1.35. I was very happy with myself for completing a mile without stopping. I also burned roughly 146 calories (maybe subtracting 16 calories); however, the other stat thing said I burned 207 calories. This machine was old.

After my treadmill running, I worked out. I got on that big inflatable ab ball to do 50 crunches. I may be the only one in the world that doesn't love this ball. Maybe it's because I'm not sure how it really works or I'm not doing it right, but it never seems like the intense ab workout like everyone claims. So, I only did 50 front crunches and went to the floor. I used the bench to hold my legs, while I did 20 situps and 30 side body crunches each. I got up and did arm raises and squats, only this time, I had dumbbells. The first round was 30 arm raises and then 20 squats with the 10 lb weight. That didn't last. I was still sore from walking and carrying my heavy bag/laptop bag trying to find a hotel. I reduced that to 20 arm raises and 20 squats with the 8 lb weight. I did this 2 times. Then, I did 20 shoulder curls and butterfly raises, both with 8 lb weight. I did this 3 times, but I split up the last butterfly raises in to 10 reps. I also did 30 shoulder curls on accident, because I wasn't paying attention.

All in all, I feel excellent with my workout and I can't wait to get better!

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