Friday, March 11, 2011

And I've Come Full Circle

Today was the day of all days, because I finally came full circle with my training and this blog. It's been a rough week personally (wow, tired of saying this) and for my ankle since I have had to do physical therapy on my own (i.e., you aren't as motivated to do much as when Jeff is making you do something). I have done my morning workouts with squats almost every morning except for Wednesday (okay, it was the night after Fat Tuesday, give me a break).

But today was the day I decided to actually run a mile, at a track, actually running. I drove the long distance to go get my registration taken care of since I'm expired; however, the line was super long and I forgot that I only had credit cards on me (they only accept cash or check). I thought, "Hey self, I will just go get some money from a store. No, I have a better idea...I will just go run and hopefully the line will get shorter." So, I drove my self (all decked out in my running clothes and shoes) to none other than Bear Creek Park. If you have been following this blog, you will notice that this is the place where I started running with Jodi (almost a year ago today) to train for the half marathon.

The weather is so beautiful outside, just alittle breeezy, just alittle cool. It was perfect running conditions. And it was early in the morning, which means that there was hardly anyone there. This also had a negative effect, because then someone could easily get me (there is a seriel rapist in a nearby area).

I got out of my car, did some stretches (moved away from the van full of prisoners that were cleaning up the park), and started to walk. I was confused on where I would start since I was only doing a mile and was concerned that I couldn't run a mile and then would be forced to walk the rest of the mile back to my car. I decided that I would run to the halfway mark and turn around. So, I started running when I hit that familiar 1 marker that Jodi and I always started at each time we ran. It felt weird to run again like this and my breathing was not great. Hell, I was just focused on my ankle and didn't even bother controlling my breathing. I wished that I worked on my stride, but I was just running (at this point, I will level with you that it was jogging...extra light jogging) like some crazy, old lady with a limp. I think I even was hunched over.

BUT I WAS RUNNING AGAIN! I couldn't get that out of my head that I was running. Even hearing the scary noises in the bushes in the secluded part of the track didn't get me off my buzz, because I was running again. I would pass people and they would smile at me or wave hello. I felt like they all knew that I was back, back for good.

At the halfway mark (and what is it that getting 0.25 mile marker felt shorter than getting to the 0.5 mile marker), I turned around. I think I scared an old couple just leisurely enjoying their walk, because I looked up at them (concidentally) and quickly jolted a turn around. They probably thought I didn't want to run by them or something.

But I kept on running. I didn't stop, not yet. I felt like my breathing was a little out of control at this point and my ankle was sore, so I decided that I would stop the jog at the 0.75 mile marker (really the 0.25 mile marker...keep up). I figured that I didn't want to push my ankle to the point of tears. However, when I got to the 0.75 mile marker, I kept on going. I just didn't feel it was time to stop. I reached the last turn before I head back to that 1 mile marker and then my ankle started to hurt bad. I figured it was the way that I made the turn or something. That 1 mile marker was blinking at me saying, "I'm only a few feet away...come one, don't puss out." So, I listened; however, I slowed down my pace alot and limped more. And then the stupid 1 mile marker disappeared and I figured I saw a mirage on the track. I kept on pushing, getting slower, hunched over more, and limpier (is that a word?). Finally, I saw the 1 and got excited, but no sprinting. I just kept up the slow pace (at this point, a lady looked at me oddly).

I reached the 1 to stop for my walk and then gave myself an imaginary high-five as if someone was there with me. Yeah, I probably looked stupid, but who cares, I was running again.

And I just kept thinking of Puddy. Watch the clip.

I walked back to my car and did some stretches before I headed back for the long line. I'm not going to sugar coat it, my ankle was hurting, which made me realize that I wasn't ready for a half marathon (but that 5K sounds right). When I got home and showered, I did my my workout (only it was 12): 50 front crunches, 30 side crunches (actually turning on my side, which is harder) each side, 20 situps, and 50 squats (using the SUAR lady's advice and tighten up my abs).

On a side note, that stupid line was even longer. Damn cutbacks in Harris County! GRRRR!

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