Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Hot Undies Run Recap and Return to a Fun Run

The Hot Undies Run (check out 2011 and my most popular post, 2012) is one of my favorite runs of the year, because we are encouraged to wear less clothes, it has beer, and it's just straight fun. And it's all for a great cause. Although, it's called hot for a reason. It's in the middle of the day in June. Hot is actually an understatement.

I missed it last year, but thankfully at the last minute, my friend Elizabeth wanted to try it out. I couldn't stop her. We went to the store a couple of days before and finally settled on a gay pride theme since it was Gay Pride Houston week. Little did we know that we actually got more comments on us celebrating Mexico or a fiesta and Elizabeth was asked if she was a Chiquita banana girl. Only one person said gay pride to us as we were running. So, our theme officially became Gay Pride FIESTA!

This senorita needs to lay out by the pool just a little bit more.
Unfortunately, I came down with my normal pharyngitis and was sick. I wasn't contagious, but sick and exhausted. I didn't really get to enjoy myself like I usually do...with a few pints, but oh well. It still was a blast.

Elizabeth and I turned in our new kids undies packages for more raffle tickets and stood around just people watching. It was her first time and I assured her that people would be in underwear. However, there were less people than in 2012 and more people in regular running clothes. Next year, it will be different.

It took me awhile, but these were stickers and not tats.

Elizabeth and I getting ready to run.

 We run into this guy, Bernie everywhere. Seriously, more tanning!

Getting ready to start. Look at all those undies.
And then it was time to start the race. Did I mention that it was hot? Well, it was. I have to also mention that it was stormy the entire time, but not around our running route. I was a little torn by this, because when it rains, it gets even hotter and more mosquitos come out. However, I was so ready for some drops. At least it was cloudy.

She was a Buzz Lightyear.
I did run the entire way to Wahala, but I slowed a great deal. I basically just kept an eye on Elizabeth.
Elizabeth and I at the Wahala stopping point in Rice University.

Since I wasn't drinking any beer, I didn't get in line for it. I also had my water bottle handy and was just sucking that down dry.

And then it was time to go again. We didn't really have a reason to stick around. But this break gave me enough time for my body to catch up and basically decide it was ready to shut down. I had a hard time breathing. Consequently, I had to walk more than usual, which sucks since this is only a two mile run. But there was nothing I could do. I couldn't push my body anymore than where it was at and I was lucky that I had the energy to even run at all.

Eventually, we made it back to the finish line where we hung out for a bit and decided to just go home (again, we weren't drinking and didn't feel like hanging out anymore). I also forgot to mention that we parked at Rice and had a long warmup and cool down walk. So, that was nice.

We asked the nice cop to take our picture with the sign. Unfortunately, some other runners saw that and asked for his help, too.
My body pretty much died when I got home, but I had a good time with what I could do. Elizabeth and I got a lot of compliments on our outfit and surprisingly, the undies worked out great. They stayed in place the whole time and they were quite comfortable. These are some pictures from Houston Chronicle.
Through this run, Elizabeth and I have decided to start a planks challenge. We want to do five minutes a day of planks and we are starting tomorrow. I will have an updated post tomorrow and hope you can take on the challenge with us. 


  1. first of all, you all look great! You are too funny "more tanning" and I repeat, your races are the most fun ones :)

    1. Yes, because I'm sucking in the tummy. LOL! And yes, more lying out in the sun with sunblock (of course), because I'm as white as a ghost. You can see me from space.

      You should join me some time. Sandcrab Galveston coming up Sept; it's a night run on sand.

  2. Well...I read the planking blog and said I was going to get off computer for some planking. But then I had to read this blog I missed! Now I get it. Too funny! Gay Pride Fiesta! You both look great and love the undie spirit! OK, now I get down on the floor.

    1. We looked at ourselves with our exposed tummies and had to do something! Now, hit the floor.

  3. Cute undies!!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. Thanks Megster! They were cute and so comfy. I may just be wearing these around the house from now on.


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