Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Raspas y Elotes Ride

I've been on this ride (takes place the second Friday of every month) with Crucial Matter a few times, but haven't written about it. I felt it was time since it's the perfect summertime treat ride and I remembered to take some pictures. For the gringos out there (or anyone not used to these words, because you live in a non Mexico bordering state), raspas is shaved ice/snow cones in a cup and elotes is roasted corn with lime, chili powder, mayonnaise, and white cheese. And of course, we always have beer at the stops.

Raspas y Elotes y Cervezas!
We met at Market Square downtown, but David (thank you so much for picking me up) drove me to La Macro (last stop and a great place for tacos) so we could meet a few people and ride into town. It was also Jim's first time riding on this adventure, but we forgot to tell him to meet us at La Macro. Whoops.

Crucial Matter leader, Ivan giving out the safety speeches. What is David doing seriously?

Open your eyes!

First stop was Tampico in the east/southeast side of Houston. Carolina was in charge of getting our elotes and thankfully THANKFULLY, we got a snow cone. This places puts the elotes in a cup and since we had a special order, we had to put on our own sauce. Caroline didn't realize how hot it was and poured a mountain of it on there. I said just a little bit for my cup, which was still a lot. People stared at her like she was stupid. Yes, she was and I was stupid for going with her. It was some of the hottest stuff I've ever had. From my torso to my mouth was burning and I couldn't finish it. We had the wonderful snow cone to give us a break, but it only helped a little. It took about 30 minutes before I felt normal again.

I can't really remember if we stopped at a second place or just went straight to La Macro. But at La Macro, it was roasted corn on the cob like I like it. Not too spicy, not too bland, just right!

Since we parked at La Macro, we just hopped in the car and left. And ever since this night, we formed a sub group of World Cup watching/country dancing/food eating fools.

Don't you wish your friends were hot like us?!

The Crucial Matter group holds several different social (and totally fun) bike rides throughout the month, including my favorite taco ride (1 year anniversary this Friday) on the first Friday of the month. If you haven't been, come out and join us. Check us out on Facebook, too. 


  1. I'm sort of starving after reading this! The roasted corn looked VERY roasted! Was it good? Raspas! They have a very cool old place in Alpine,TX ...for when you make your SW Texas trip someday!

    1. Yes, it was very good. I may have gotten the more done one, but still good. And yes, please remember this place in Alpine.


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