Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tour De Yorkshire...Group Style

Yes, we were training for a Marathon, but we needed some cross training and I knew the perfect thing...CYCLING. I wanted to show the Cordovas something different and beautiful for their trip to England and this was the perfect activity. I mean who doesn't remember the posts I did before (here and here)? Thankfully, Jim's neighbors let us borrow their bikes and they seem to fit the Cordovas pretty well.

We had limited time and picked Saturday as the day to go for our cycling adventure. And Saturday turned out to be a perfect day since the sun was out and had just wonderful temperatures. I must say that this was the best trip weather wise that I have experienced in England. It was so good that France was actually colder and wetter than in England.

Jim and I decided to keep it simple by going up through the abandoned railroad (now turned running, walking, and cycling trail) to Wetherby and then stop at Sykes House Farm for meat on the way back.

First, we let the Cordovas get used to the bikes for a couple of minutes and instructed them on what side of the road to ride and which way to look first. And then it was time to set off.

I love this picture of Jim and I heading out on our bikes. 
The Cordovas were quickly amazed and intimidated like me on my first time cycling in England with the parked cars, driving traffic, and us as cyclists all trying to use the same small, narrow road. But they handled the ride through town just fine. I think I was crying a bit.

Waiting for the Cordovas to get done with the bridge.
Here they come. 

This was a very cool picture. 
We stopped at this beautiful field of yellow flowers; it is the perfects time of year.

 I love this picture for obvious reasons.
The railroad trail was bustling with activity. I remembered hitting this trail at Christmastime and it covered us from the rain, but there was not a soul on it. Today was not the case.

Am I trying to speed race down a flat hill?

Waiting on the Cordovas to catch up.
She's trying to copy me.

Finally, we got to Wetherby. We stopped by the bike shop so they could tighten up something or make something better on Ray's bike. We then headed to Muse Pub for some beer and cider; I was in the mood for cider. And afterwards, we checked out Wetherby.

Afterwards, we headed back home. I was momentarily excited to hear that the loud festival at the racetrack was something with gypsies until I found out it was the Girl Scouts fundraiser thing. Oh well. We got our meat from Sykes House Farm and headed towards Boston Spa, with a quick stop under the bridge. I actually haven't been down to this part of the water and it was really beautiful.

Jim and I's bicycles. So pretty.

They do have fly fishing in Boston Spa.

I have to say it was a beautiful day and a successful bike trip. It put us in a great mood for the Tockwith Beer Festival and a wonderful roast dinner later on that evening. And Jim thinks we do too much when I come into town.

Tea called beer.

Reenactment picture of my first Tockwith Beer Festival. 

It was so beautiful outside that we moved the dinner to the backyard. 


  1. Wow, what an amazing setting for a bike ride! How fun that you got to see some of that scenery in the winter and then on a gorgeous summer day! Love the bridge, the waterfall, the curved fence photo and of course all the happy face photos! What a great time!

  2. It really was an amazing setting. I've never seen England like this before. We usually only get a day, maybe two if lucky. But this was considerably a great deal of days with beautiful weather. Loved it. And now miss it!

  3. Your pictures are so cool! The bridge, yellow flower fields and ones that you took while biking are my favorites. Looks like an awesome experience!

    1. Thanks so much Allison. I just couldn't get over the weather.


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