Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sprint For Life 5k Recap

My second Sprint For Life 5k was on May 4, 2013, at the MD Cancer Center, Medical Center, Houston, TX, which raises money for Ovarian Cancer research. I will not go in to detail about this disease or what this run means to me, because I have done this already in last year's post. To summarize, I organize this run under Team Teapot in memory of LeiLani Allen (MaloRee, BranDee, and MegGan's mother) and my Great Aunt, Betty whom have both died battling this horrible disease. 

On a side note, I have to remark that this is my third anniversary on my running journey (see post here). In 2010, I made a decision to run after missing my first Sprint For Life 5K. 

You may have notice my blurb about my hurt back during the Green 6.5. I spent all week nursing it, but just couldn't heal it. I forgot that when my back goes out, it doesn't heal in a week. In fact, I'm still in pain and had to change my exercising completely (more on this in a later post). Consequently, I would not run this 5k (maybe a little bit) to Kate's overly dramatic happiness. I was sad, but on the bright side, it would be a first for me. Normally, I would just stay home if I was injured, but I couldn't for a charity run that I organized. 

Kate and I got there with little time to spare. They changed the route and the drive there proved to be difficult. We also took the longest route to find packet pick-up. In fact, the race started when we were still picking up our things. Thanks to Dan, we were able to make him the bag lady so he could carry our stuff. We honestly thought MegGan would have the stroller to store our stuff like last year. 

As I said before, the route changed. The run took us down Holcomb and then had a turnaround point.
See, Dan, I did put the better picture on here.
We three stuck together like the Three Musketeers. Sometimes, we ran...very slow and mine was more robotic.
Quit Facebooking. We are trying to I mean RUN!
On a side side note, when you order a tank top, remember that cold weather happens in all the time. I ordered a tank top, but the temperatures dropped the night before. I had to wear a long sleeve shirt (with the tank on top) and long pants. I look like a dork. However, when we got out of the building and into the sunlight, it got warmer. I took off the long sleeve shirt and ran with my tank.

So, we walked. Old people were passing us, but we didn't care. Kate said multiple times, "While this is Kristi's worst run, this is my best run." From behind, we heard someone say, "Team Teapot...yeah." It was another girl in our group racing passed us deflating my ego and pride with every walking step. Oh well. When you are injured, you are injured. Apparently, Dan was happy that I didn't make him run so much like he thought. I'm not that much of a tyrant when I run.

Finally, we made it to the end where we ran in with all smiles ready for the camera. We walked/ran this event in 52 minutes, which is by far better than what I thought.

I saw them and raised up my arms in glee.

We crossed the finish line thankfully.

This is my favorite picture. Look at the smile on Kate's face.
Best quote during the run came from a cop who tried to stop a lady from driving through the race. He said as she was trying to turn, "I don't know how you think you can do that." Then, she tried to run him over.

These were the runners in the race.
Kate and I with some beautiful flowers.

We took the customary Team Teapot group shot. For the first time ever, we had three different groups in three different locales running for Team Teapot. BranDee organized a run in Virginia and MaloRee organized a run in Grenada.

All three Team Teapot running groups show their support.
It was awesome. And then, for the first time, Adam (MegGan's son) ran the kid's event. It was by far the cutest thing EVER.

Adam waiting for his chance to run after some ice cream, of course.

Mommy and son getting ready to run 150 ft in the under three year age category.

Wave to the camera.

Adam checking out the crowds.

This was just too cute not to post.

I'm a ribbon holder now!

But I bet you are wondering about the important much did we raise. Team Teapot raised a total whopper of $2,735. I personally raised $1,145. I couldn't believe how much we received. I want to go out of my way to THANK EVERYONE whom donated. Some of you donated twice and I love you for it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We also learned that the third place group winners only raised alittle over $5,000. Team Teapot was already over halfway there. I think that's going to be our goal next year.

I'm not sure how long I will be out with this back, but I'm doing what I can to get me running again. Marathon training technically started last week, but I budgeted for rest weeks. So, I just have to get to the first week of June. Wish me luck!


  1. Nice work there Kristi - and what a great charity! I hope your back is better - mine's been sore this week but is improving (bizarelly, running seems to improve it..).

    1. Thanks Petra. Nope, my back is still out for a couple more weeks. UGH! It's so frustrating. I wish running improved, but all I can do is swimming or walking.


  3. Well, all in all, y'all did good. What amount raised for a good cause. Next year, maybe we should get little Bella to run.

    1. We raised $2,735 for this cause. I'm really happy with this amount. You helped a lot mom.

      Why not Eliana, too? She can do the under three category and Bella can do the next group (they went farther than 150ft).

  4. Kristi, congrats and great job! I hope you are on the road to recovery. Great photos!

    1. I'm slowly recovering and getting better everyday. I need to get back to it.

      And thanks Dawn!


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