Monday, April 29, 2013

Green 6.2 10k Recap

A friend mentioned the Green 6.2 10k on Facebook last month sometime and I realized that I haven't done a 10k since the Rodeo Run. It was time to do one again. So, I signed up and somehow convinced Sara to sign up, as well. She really has become my running event go to partner and I love it.

I spent the week of really trying to pick up my speed. Sara was working hard to get a Personal Record (PR) of 1:07. Eek! I would have to shave off a lot of time to get there and I'm running a 10:15 mile right now on my best days.

My week looked like this:
  • Monday:  2 mile run, 2nd Trapeze class, 1 hour, core, arms, bruises, busted blisters, etc...awesome
  • Tuesday: Ran 3.5 miles in 40 minutes, 3 miles in 32:32, and 3.1 (5k) in 33:33
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: Ran 3.5 miles again in 42 minutes, 3 miles in 33:15, and 3.1 (5k) in 34 min...alot on my mind and it took awhile to shake it off before I could pick up speed
  • Friday: Rest
Sara and I came up with a plan; I would run with her for three miles keeping up with her pace and then watch her speed off as I cry to myself wishing that I could run faster. Then, I tweaked my back somehow at work the day before. WTH?! This 10k would prove to be difficult, so I warned Sara.

My other plan was to get there ealy so I could pick up my packet. This race is not close to me and due to some google/iphone map issues (i.e., it told me that Sun & Ski Sport was a house), I couldn't pick it up earlier. I worried that I wouldn't receive my bib, because they said no packet pickup on race day. I thought that was absurb since this is a race about being green, but whatever, I digress. However, they did end up having race day pickup. Okay, but back to the point. So, I wanted to get there early. I picked up Sara (late, of course, because I AM my mother's daughter) and then we got hit with a massive car wreck on 610. Needless to say, we got there 15 minutes before start time. I get a little flustered when I'm rushing around, but we managed to get my packet, go to the bathroom in the very nice Lifetime Fitness, and then head to the back of the start line with all the walkers.

We appropriately wore green for the Green 6.2. Doesn't Sara look cute? I think so.

I had to take her picture alone.

We had to maneuver around a lot of people in the back, which as you know wastes so much energy. It was also humid and miserable to start the race. What is it June already? I immediately started sweating and it wasn't even the first half of a mile. UGH!

Finally, the first mile came and we checked our times. WOOHOO! It was roughly a 9:40/mile, which means that is a sub 10 minute mile for me. That's amazing, because I haven't had a sub 10 minute mile in a long LONG LONG time. Did I say LONG? However, I did know that I couldn't keep this pace going. The second mile was slower, with a 10 minute/mile.

On a side note, I may be off by five seconds on some of these, because my mind was fuzzy during the run.

Anyhoo. We continued running 4 minute run/1 minute walk through the miserable heat (although, we did the first 1.5 miles without stopping). I moved to the side to get around a slower person and my back began screeching at me in pain. OUCH! I had to slow alittle bit, but then the pain eased. Somewhere in the second mile, this lady wiped out badly. The lady in front of us just yelled, "Keep Coming BOO" or something similiar, while pointing to the sky. It was funny and so random.

But all things come to an end. During the one minute walk (right after we hit three miles), it was time for Sara and I to say our goodbyes. Naturally, in my lateness, I forgot my watch. This whole time, we were using Sara's tools and especially her stopwatch clip thing. Since she had a watch, she gave me the stopwatch so that I could stay on top of our pacing as best that I could. I'm so happy she gave that to me, because I really did stick to it. The best thing about it is that I didn't even have to push buttons. I need to find me one of these. My birthday is coming up?

And then I watched her speed away from me.

My fourth mile was awful. I was slow. I was hot. I stopped at the second (and last water station) for water. Since I decided at the last minute to get water, I had to stop and go back. Once I started running again, the watch beeped at me to walk. So, I stopped again. Then, this lady was trying to get in to her driveway and I stopped to let her go since no one was around. All of a sudden these fast runners just came out of nowhere and she had to stop. This meant that I had to wait and wait and wait. I was annoyed. At this point, I met the "talker." He was on his phone talking about legal or company stuff almost the entire time. Those people annoy me. I kept up with him unfortunately for two miles.

I finally got back to running and my fifth mile was so much better. My back even felt better and I was happy that I did a sort of rest fourth mile. I finally got to the sixth and final mile and just picked up the pace. I saw 1:12:44 on the clock and just sprinted. My PR was 1:10:20 (but at the time, I thought it was 1:12). I immediately went to find water, get my medal, and then stand in a long line to get my finisher shirt. Note to self, the shirts are big.

I saw a sign for these socks. The company name was Mitscoots. If you buy a pair, a pair of socks are donated to someone in need. It is similiar to TOMS. After talking with the owners from Austin, TX, I bought a pair. They were awesome. Then, I went to find the trees. I thought I read that you could plant a tree there, but I found out that you take the tree home and plant it. Yeah, I'm in a small apartment. No thanks. I did find Sara and Jason (speedy runner) and then found the Lemonade Day stands, but I was too late to get all of them. While I was giving my tickets for some water, I was approached by a Houston Chronicle person who asked me questions about the run. I happily obliged.

I had my picture taken, while waiting in the long t-shirt line.

Sara and I with our really cool medals.

Lemonade Day Mascot. I had to tilt my head.

I saw this and thought of MaloRee.

Finisher shirt and medal.
After I dropped off Sara, I immediately went to get a massage. I chose a Thai Massage, which did feel great. My shoulder hurt something awful, because I was tensing up to help with the back. And then Sara sent me the race results. I GOT A PR!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO! My time was 1:08:41. See full race results here. I was totally not expecting this and I'm so excited. Thanks Sara!

All in all, I had fun. I didn't like some things like the information on the website, but it was still a well organized run. My back still hurts and it's Monday. Oh joy.


On May 4, 2013, I will participate again in the Sprint for Life 5K to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research in honor of MaloRee, BranDee, and MegGan whom lost their mom to this horrible disease. I also run in honor of my Great Aunt, Betty who lost this battle, as well. Please donate here or join us on Team Teapot. My goal is $2,000 this year and WE ARE SO CLOSE. We are at $1,600. Help us get there.


  1. Great post,funny, and you did a great job!! Sometimes the best things (like a PR) come from the unexpected places.

    1. Thanks BBD! Yeah, it really did. It's called Sara and a really great stop watch.

  2. Good job! Glad to know you're getting the trapeze class in, with all your other stuff. But it makes me sore to just think about it!

    1. Oh I know. I have ordered the gymnastics style gloves so my hands won't rip apart. And they certainly feel that way.

  3. Congrats on your PR! I enjoyed this race as well :) here's my recap:

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cintia. Btw, I love your name and the way you spell it. Very beautiful.

      It was a fun race and I'm ready to run my next 10k. I'm not sure when or where though.

  4. Yes, I think I will do a 10K again. I admire you for having done a half already! I think I'm gonna start training soon. I wanted to do a half in december but i thought I'd 'waste' training if I don't run sooner than that. We'll see. Yes, we should totally run together, I need your experience!

    1. Well, I'm for sure doing a 10k in August/September (whenver that Sand Crab is), a couple of 5ks here and there, and I need to find another 10k. The half was hard, but I pushed through. It was the longest I had ever run before (was basketball player).

      Don't worry about wasting training. My marathon is in October. It's supposed to be 18 weeks; however, I'm starting officially next week (supposed to be this week, but I hurt my back). I built rest weeks every fourth week on the advice of a blog that I read. And I really like it. You can still do stuff, but not go hard, balls to the wall if you know what I mean. Technically, I started last week, but I didn't know it and taking a rest week this week.
      If you do a December half, I suggest the LaPorte Half Marathon. I did the Texas bridge series...with two Toughest 10k on bridges. You get an extra medal/shirt for competing all three. They were hard, but so awesome.

      I usually run at Hermann Park and Memorial Park. Are you around those areas?

  5. Glad to know about those socks! Very cool, thank you!!

    1. Thanks Amy. I will do a full review on them in a later post. I will warn you (and should've done that in this post) that he thinks the socks are great for 5K/10Ks, but cautions on using them for long distances.

  6. Congratulations ! looked like a fun run and you did great

    1. Thanks Freya! It was a fun run and I'm so happy that I did better than I expected. But now I'm down for a few weeks with a hurt back.

  7. Thanks for the kind words and we are super excited that you liked the socks. You employed the homeless in the process too. Long story short, YOU ROCK! Good luck on the rest of your runs and stay in touch.

    1. Thanks mitscoots! I am so sorry I can't remember your name. I did wear them for a run and really liked them. I keep planning on writing a review about them, but it's been one thing after another with this back.

      And thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I really appreciate.


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