Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back Injury DONE

After several weeks of being down with a back injury, I'm finally healed. I did a couple of tests during my fabulous birthday week by running across a busy New Orleans street or a Memphis street and I didn't feel any pain. However, I wasn't planning on running at that time. Jim and I did try to swim at the Peabody Hotel Memphis, but some kids overruled the pool and we ended up joining them in the fun.

So, last night in attempt to break me out of the sad funk I was in since Jim left to go back to England, I put on my  new Nike Capris that my man bought me for my birthday, my new shirt, laced up my shoes, and headed out the door.

I don't I look like a super workout mama!
I decided on a nice walk to the little track by my apartment and just do an easy run. If I need to bail, I can get home quickly. On my walk, my mother called to check on me, but I resumed my walk shortly thereafter.

My run was slow. I felt slow and looked slow, but I didn't care. I was running. My back wasn't hurting at all. I did full two laps around and a half lap...WITHOUT STOPPING. I wanted to add an extra lap, but I didn't want to push myself. Rule #1 when returning off an injury (and boy do I know this routine well), DON'T PUST YOURSELF...EASE BACK IN TO IT. I did 1.6 miles, with an average of 12:06 per mile (Ouch). I burned almost 200 calories.

When I got back, I changed in to my swimsuit for 20 minutes of swimming fun. This is by far the best thing I have added at the end of my runs. I can't wait to continue this tradition.

The shirt was really cool; however, it left alot of blue fuzz all over my sweaty body. Maybe it's the humidity and the fact that I hadn't washed it first before wearing. At least, I hope that is the problem, because it's a really great shirt.

On a side note, I had an amazing birthday week. Jim came in to town, which is enough said on how happy and bouncy I was. But my birthday alone included a foot massage, a horrible Hangover III movie, Mi Luna tapas bar with friends and family, presents, birthday twins, crossbow, turtle racing, my cowboy boots and a dress, road trip to Memphis (bucketlist town for me), Beale's Street, Western Conference Final Game, NOLA, new beer, presents, my Uncle, great music, a private cementary tour, the best gumbo ever, fried aligator tails, and crawfish. Did I mention presents? I can't thank Jim enough for the loot that he gave me on this special day. Thanks to my mom for paying for the hotel room in Memphis. Thanks to everyone that came out and wished me happy birthday. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful presents. I love you all! It was a great birthday week. And I'm sad to see it end.

So, I leave you with this tune. This is exactly how I feel right now.


  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Sorry Jim had to go back to Jolly old England. But now you can look forward to seeing him again. I know that doesn't really help does it.

  2. I am SO excited for you to come over this way this autumn. When are you moving? And where exactly will you be? Knaresborough way? My son is at school near there so I'm always up and down the A1 - can't wait to run with you. AS for settling into the English countryside - I'm your girl.

    SO glad your back is healing and you're easing back into it. Gently DOES do it so take it easy but I think this is all going to go well for you!

    1. End of September. Just in time to train a bit before the Yorkshire Marathon. I will be in Boston Spa (near Wetherby and Leeds). I know about the A1 and it runs right by there...I think. I hope that's close to where you are located.

      It's healed, but it still gets sore. I picked up cat liter yesterday and now I'm feeling it a bit. But nothing like before. I'm starting my personal training on Friday to strengthen my back. I hope this helps.

  3. Sounds AMAZING, all around! Glad you had such a fun celebration. And I agree on the post-run swim thing. I started doing this after long runs a couple of years ago, and it is pure MAGIC.

    1. I know...why have I not done this before? I love it.


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