Monday, March 11, 2013

A Week of Firsts

Last week was a pretty good week for running. I ran three days, which is more than I have done in a long time. I wanted to run on Sunday, but the rain pretty much zapped my motivation to wait around until it cleared. And wouldn't you know it cleared as soon as I gave up the idea of running to clean my apartment, shower, and take out Remi.Oh well.

It was also a good week, because I had some new running firsts. No, I don't owe a case of beer; this isn't skydiving.

On Tuesday, I met with Penny for the first time to run in Hermann Park. I got there a little early and took some photos. I would like to revisit The Herb Garden when it is Spring, because these flowers/Plants/Herbs looked pitiful and didn't smell fragrant at all.

This is the Fragrant Garden located in Hermann Park, but I just didn't smell any fragrances.
I love how the Garden Center has statues throughout the garden.

I thought this was an excellent shot.

If Ghandi can walk, I shouldn't complain about my run.

Guess why I got this picture.
When Penny got there, we did a quick stretch and decided to run the main loop that I usually run instead of running around Rice University (Penny's school). I did in fact set my watch (although, I should have set up the GPS while I waited) and we were off. It's been a long time since I have had a running partner during my training runs. Penny and I talked about alot of things, which made the run so much better.

But I didn't just have one first, I had two firsts on this run. I finally broke in my new Brooks Pure Cadence (realized I left that off on earlier posts). It was different to get used to for sure. During the run, I had to stop for a walk, because my bad ankle hurt. I worried that maybe I was right thinking the minimalist shoes would not give me good ankle support, but it was fine after the break. I had to give out a big sigh of relief that I just didn't waste a bunch of money. Afterwards, I read that I should have broken my new shoes in by wearing them out regularly before taking them out on a run. I did a few times, but not the amount they were expecting. I still love my shoes!

Total run was 2.43 miles in 29 minutes and 43 seconds. We burned 273 calories.

Penny and I after the run.
On Wednesday, I only had time for a quick run before I went out to dinner with Rory at the Ethopian Place. This would be my second meatless day for the month of March. The first doesn't have to do with the run at all, but it would be the first time I had the vegetarian plate, which was delicious. I just have to remember to not drink so much water next time.

On a side note, I'm totally sticking to that goal of two meatless days a month and loving it with all the new food I'm exploring.

Anyways, since this was a quick run, I just ran around my apartment for 2.14 miles in 26 minutes and 51 seconds. I burned 238 calories. It was an easy run and nothing really spectacular to talk about, except for the traffic (rodeo). My shoes didn't bother me one bit.

Then, my last first of the week happened on Friday. I have thought about, planned, and even attempted to run the entire track around Rice University. I have gotten close with the 2012 Hot Undies Run  and 2011 Hot Undies Run, but it only covers a quarter of the entire track. For some reason, this particular run alluded me. Not this time. I had it in my head to run three miles and I knew the track was three miles (or so it said online). I parked over by the zoo to give me a nice warmup/cooldown walk. I chose the direction only because I wouldn't have to doubleback when I finished. I realized during the run that it wasn't the best idea since everyone went the other way.

I love running around Rice University, because the trees are magnificant looking. I listened to my ipod, enjoying the scenery, and saying hello to other walkers/runners. What I noticed is that I got a lot of icy looks at the shirt I was wearing supporting The Michael Berry Show. This area accounts for the blue parts of Texas and they do not like anything not Democrat. Oh well. But the interesting part of my run was that I ran in to a friend of my mom's walking her beautiful dogs. It was nice to see her even though I think I scared her.

I learned that the track is not exactly three miles. However, the run to my car accounted for the extra mileage to make it exactly three miles. With the stop to talk, I ran three miles in 35 minutes and 28 seconds. I burned 340 calories. I think I'm going to break that 5k in under 30 minutes very soon.

Next up...The Color Run on March 24, 2013, with Morgan and Kate as The Color Giants. If you want to join us, just sign up


  1. I am glad you started this blog . . . I learn more about you every day. And, that is a nice shot, a very good shot. I am glad the shoes are working out. What I see is a progression of time and distance in your running.

    And, now you have inspired me to wear my Rush shirt to the gym. Or maybe my NRA shirt. Those are great "first." Everyone scares Patti. LOL!

    Where's your review of those fancy running shoes?

    1. Thanks Mom. Yes, I see that I'm getting faster and I like it.

      Poor Patti.

      Well, it was sort of in this post. But I will do a comparison of shoes in another post. I'm already looking at writing the next post from yesterday's run.


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