Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Color Run 5K Recap

This past weekend was a crazy, experience-filled weekend; I had so much going on, but at the same time, I didn't do a lot during the day. My dog's surgery was originally scheduled for the previous weekend and I pretty much cleared my schedule. Then, it was rescheduled to this past weekend in which I had to tone down what I had planned so I could take care of my precious angel (that's right, I went there).

Taken after his first accident. Poor little Remington.
So, Friday was preparation mode. But really, I decided to go to the Bayou City Art Festival with my mom. I haven't been to this festival since it was the Westheimer Art Festival and it was one giant party; I honestly don't remember a whole lot of art being sold. Saturday, I picked up Remington and got him comfortable before I went to The Houston Roller Derby season opener with Kate that night. This was an amazing event and such a fun time. I saw take downs and fast skating and cool names and massive injuries. Now, Kate and I want to do The Day of Derby on April 27, 2013, which is a one day bootcamp for everyone (including boys). Where are my skates?

And then there was Sunday... which was filled with the Color Run 5K, crawfish, and my cat, Tucker's wild 24 hour adventure being a Ginger Lion (scaring his poor mother in the process).

But this is a blog about running. Out of the blue a month ago, my friend Morgan talked to me about doing the Color Run. She was never a runner, but now she's slowly getting in to it. I was so happy to hear it and of course, I signed up the next day. We decided on a team name...Color Giants, which is a play on the funky fun and underrated band, There Might Be Giants.

On a side note, it was hard to pick the best song for this post, but I figured the above song was the most notable of their songs right now since it's on a commercial.

After signing up, I invited Kate, because she just loves running so much. Jules was supposed to join us, but selfishly signed up for the Neon Splash the night before. Morgan had a friend of hers going, as well. And the Color Giants were born. We had to wear all white to really show off the color that gets sprayed on your body. I had to shop for some type of shorts or leggings since it was the only thing I was really  missing. I tried finding shorts, but apparently, they don't exist anymore unless you want white jean shorts. They didn't even have plain white boxer shorts. So, I settled for some white leggings and would just plan to wear my gray shorts over them since it was supposed to be cold that morning. I found out that Kate was wearing almost the same thing, but black shorts. I had black shorts, which means we can match. Thus, the sub group of the Color Giants called The Reverse Oreo was born.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a long shot of both Kate and I before the run, but here is just me to get the idea. 

Kate and I with the Runningcorn.
I was worried about the leggings, because I thought it would warm up later in the day and certainly when we started running. I didn't account for the wind. Therefore, I was so very wrong and thankful for not taking off my leggings. I probably could have gone with the long sleeved shirt, too since Kate would not cuddle me like a baby, while waiting to get our packets. And then I got sick. I blame her.

It took awhile to find Morgan. Her directions for us included "By the start line next to a big tree," "I'm the one with a white hat," "Next to the DJ," "By the second flag." Not one of those descriptions helped us find her easily since there were four start lines, five flags, a tree at every start line (that were big), speaker set at each start line to make you think it was the DJ, and almost every other person wore a white hat. Eventually, we found her and met her boys.

Me, Morgan, and Kate waiting for the run to start. As Jim puts it...BEFORE! On a side note, I see a Photo Bomber in the background. Much kudos to him throwing up the deuces.

Morgan and I ready to run our first race together.

To Kate's dismay, it's not our first nor our last run together.

Kate thought I was taking a picture of her, but I was not. She looked silly posing and of course, I let this go on for awhile.

But then she forced me to take a picture of taunting me with her pyscho stare.
Finally, the Star Spangled Banner played. I normally hear a group singing the song, but the organizers put on the most unexpected and awesome Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Bangled Banner.

They obviously spliced it up a bit to only play the parts of the song, because this goes on too long for a race or maybe it was someone else playing it in homage to Jimi.

Countdown began...and we were off. Once again, it was a packed race with lots of walkers and runners mixed. We had to weave around a lot, which is hard for a group of three together and expends a lot of energy. However, we kept it together for awhile.

We hit the first color zone...BLUE. The wind picked up so much that the colors barely hit you unless you were like the pack of people swarming the color sprayers like a hoard of zombies on a motionless human. So, we kept on running. We got a few hits at the end, but like I said, the wind didn't make it stick. I had a hankerchief covering my mouth, but I still managed to get it into my teeth.

Morgan got ahead of us when we stopped for a walk. She eventually came back to give Kate a hug and then left us to our fate on the bridge crossing I-10. By the way, how cool was it to run over the Katy Freeway? It was also cool to pass on the other side of St. Arnold's Brewery

At this point, Kate begins to whine and moan about how she hates running, but I secretly know she loves it. She keeps signing up for these races with me and she has another one in May. This quote reminds me of her.

"You don't love running when you first start because it hurts. Your legs hurt, your lungs hurt. But once you make the decision and start to move forward, you become a different person. It's not about having to hit your goal weight to start feeling good again." Davis, Founder of

We finally made it to the turnaround in the seedier part of Houston where we were sprayed with washable purple paint. Surprisingly, it was cold. Then, we hit the PINK color zone. We were doused. I think I heard Kate choking or maybe it was me. It was still fun. We had lots of stops on the bridge going back over and I took the time to take some great pictures.

Kate and I leaving the PINK Color Zone. You can see the pink spraying in the background.

It looks like I was killed by a Pepto Machine Gun.
What a beatufiul city!
Kate and I looking down at I-10 freeway.

I-10, Houston, colors, and me...a perfect combination.
The best picture I could get of the St. Arnold Brewery. The sun was hitting from that side.
The wind was so strong. It's funny, because there was a strong crosswind on the way over and then it changed to a strong tailwind. I yelled at Kate, "This is our time to make up for our stopping." So, I kept her going until we hit the YELLOW Zone. More hits of color. We kept on going. Kate felt it was necessary to ask the cop where the beer was and he informed that there was beer at the end (we never saw it). Only Kate...only Kate. We hit the last ORANGE color zone and then made our final turn into the finish. I told Kate we will not be one of those pusses that walk through the finish line; we will run through it. And we did. I'm not sure what are time was and I couldn't care about it. We got some water and some food and then let our color bags go all over the place. When we got the bags, we were told to hold on to our bags until the end. I assumed it would be this massive color party at the finish line. Well, there was a massive color party, but over to the side in which we saw as soon as we let our bags go. We raced over there to join and let go what was left.

Kate turns to look at me, but got hit in the eye.

Kate letting the last bit of her bag up in the air.

It's amazing how much was still in there.

Woohoo COLOR PARTY/Rave of my childhood.

More people join in with other colors.

My turn.

I already had any left.

We paid money for this.
Afterwards, we headed to find Morgan again, watched her kids spray some color on to Morgan's friends, and then went back to the party to enjoy some kids dancing (like 6 year old kids). It was cute.

As Jim puts it...the AFTER.

Morgan's son Conner hitting their friends with some yellow.

All four of the girls fully colored.

Next stop was to find the blowers to blow off the color as much as possible. Best quote of the day came from Conner.

"We got blowed."

I'm not sure how to explain this picture.

The other side now.
We parted ways and left home to realize how much color we still had on us, including up my nose. This was certainly a fun run, but a packed one. If Morgan and Kate wanted to do it again, I would be in for sure.

And don't forget...

On May 4, 2013, I will participate again in the Sprint for Life 5K to raise money for Ovarian Cancer Research in honor of MaloRee, BranDee, and MegGan whom lost their mom to this horrible disease. I also run in honor of my Great Aunt, Betty who lost this battle, as well. Please donate here or join us on Team Teapot. My goal is $2,000 this year and I just know we can reach it.


  1. Just looking at all that color dust makes me want to sneeze....

    1. Especially when it's up your nose like my unfortunate fate.

    2. I agree . . . it does want to make you sneeze!

  2. I couldn't get the green off of me for days for some reason! My skin really liked that one ... =)

    1. HA! The green is the color up my nose that took several washes and blowing of the nose to get it completely gone. I don't even remember getting hit with green.

  3. Now, that looks like it would be fun to photograph, NOT run. And, I did plan to get down there to photograph the Color Run but I had a more pressing matter . . . purchase a beautiful oil painting on canvas from A.E. London, who paints African wildlife. Kristi, you saw the painting.

    Fast forward, I now have the "Namibian Sunset" hanging in the master bedroom over my Temper-pedic bed. Because I cannot add a picture for all to see . . . its of two cheetahs with the glow of their famous sunsets resting on the Namibian plain with a impala in the background.

    A.E. London sketches on the ground near the animals. She told my husband and I she loves to get out of the truck to sketch but it can be quite dangerous. If you would like to check out her work,

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. great report

    1. It was fun and lots of colors! I'm glad it came off easier than I was dreading.

  5. That looks like a really cool run and lots fun with spraying colors around at the end.
    I love hiking and always wanted to try to run as well but up till now it's just not working for me.
    Maybe I give up to easily. Great job.

    1. Thanks Freya! I love hiking, as well. It's my other passion; however, we do not get many places to hike around the Houston area (that's not flat). I'm hoping to go to Yosemite this summer, which will be my biggest hike.

  6. Just found your site. Love your blog! Doing this type of run for the first time this year. Can't wait, looks like so much fun. "we got blowed"... hilarious!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Yes, it was a great deal fun, but you will get colors everywhere you didn't think possible. Good luck and I can't wait to hear about your fun run.


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