Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful Days

These last couple of days have been absolutely beautiful, with nice, crisp weather and blue skies as far as the eye can see. It may be slightly breezy, but that's perfect for a run.

Normally, Mondays are my rest day, but I decided that I couldn't NOT run on a day like this, especially since I didn't run this past weekend. I loaded up my ipod with lots of treasures from the 80s. What really happened was that I wanted to download this song by U2 called "I Will Follow" at the same time that Footloose was playing on the TV. So, I had to download all of U2 (They always make me think of Syraya and I at the dropzone singing YEAH YEAH YEAH!) and Footloose and took many songs from each to add to my running playlist. Then, I realized wow, the 80s music is just perfect for I went loose on itunes buying songs like Hungry Like a Wolf and I Ran So Far Away.

Best paraphrased quote from Jimbo, "You know that U2 are wankers. And then you listen to their songs and realize they really are geniuses."

Thus, I went up to Rice University for a planned over three mile run. I parked farther away to give me more mileage and then set my ipod to ...wait for it..."BEAUTIFUL DAY" by U2. It just seemed to match so perfectly to what I was feeling.

As I got to the start of the university path, "Where the Streets Have No Name" came on and I was blown away with inspiration.

The flower colors just popped. Were they there on Friday? I don't remember seeing the beautiful purples and pinks and yellows everywhere. The people were out and about running, walking, taking pictures, etc. It just felt magical in the air and I didn't want it to end.

I ran the first mile in 10:40 and proceeded with five minutes run, one minute walk. I was definitely in the moment with this run and it really made me feel that I AM A RUNNER. I'm also loving this running path around Rice University and I think it might be my new favorite in town. I ran a total of 3.5 miles in 40 minutes. But I did get three miles in 24 minutes, which is great for me. I'm getting closer to my goal. I can feel it.

Normally, my schedule is run Tuesday-Thursday, but I'm not running on Wednesday and I didn't run the past weekend as I have mentioned. Sorry, I didn't mean to go all Charlaine Harris on your from the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I decided to run Monday and Tuesday and then on Thursday. My friend Brittany told me about this Triathlon Party at Luke's Locker. So, I decided to cut my run short to try to make it there by 7 (I was late, of course). I ran my normal route around Hermann Park, but this time, there were so many people. It's Spring Break down here and the zoo/park is covered with families.

I ran one mile in 10:20 (getting faster) and then did five minutes run, one minute walk. At one point, I passed a walking lady on the right since she had plenty of room and I was being lazy. She asked me which was the right etiquette for walking and I told her to be on the right. I apologized to her and told her I saw enough room and went for it. Oh was still nice that she asked.

I ran down the stairs and around the ramp up now that they have a new path open just to add an extra oomph to my run. It hurt. Then, there was this weird time when I had to move off the path to let four golf carts go by as they talked about their game. My total run time was 2.40 miles in 28 minutes (also faster than Penny and I's run). But then I had to make an emergency stop at the bathrooms, which were far away from my car. I did add some extra mileage going over there and it was cool to see some breakdancers on the side. I didn't know they did that anymore. Good for the kids for bringing it back.

After my run, I headed over to Luke's Locker for the Private Triathlon Party. They had wine, beer, and food...and prizes. Sadly, I didn't win anything. I talked to a NUUN rep about how to add this to water, because it's all confusing to me right now. I tried some Bonk bars, which Britt and I now want to use that in our running statements. We heard a talk from Jordan (Newton Shoes rep) about how to transition from the bike to the run effectively. He gave out some great tips. Then, I heard the call for foam roller demo. I have read countless blogs about this new phenomon and I honestly was confused. I ate something really small and headed over there with the intent of coming back to the food. I didn't eat nearly enough after my run. I honestly thought the guy would give a demo, but it turns out that I was the demo. I went through all the exercises and it hurt so good. I had so many tight spots that I usually feel when I'm doing yoga (yoga starts this week). I plan to buy a foam roller when I start the longer miles during my training. Then, I went over to the Newton Shoes to talk to Jordan. I want to try triathlons, but I'm not much of a swimmer. I did have my competition with Jim (which he won for being so tall), but that was only a couple of laps and it tired me out. I'm more of a splashing in the pool with a beer in my hand kind of swimmer. So, he talked about training pools and open water vs. a pool. And ...then...somehow I was buying a pair of Newton shoes. They were NOT my color, but they were on sale...really on sale. A price drop from $150 something to $60 and I got a free T-shirt. My justification is that I will wear out my new Brooks Pure Cadence and then I will need a new pair. I won't get this price again. I can also use them interchangeably for different types of training to make me an all around better runner. I also bought a new Dry Fit shirt to match my new shoes. The party provided a 15% discount on all clothing. WEEEEE!

Without further ado...

In my defense, every blog I read has multiple sneakers like more than two. I promise this is it.
No running for me tonight, because I need a break before speedwork on Thursday with Britt.

Upcoming Races
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  1. Cool! Newtons for $60! Get them before you come here - they're around £150 here! Seriously - buy as many sports shoes as you can because they are extortionate here.

    Good news on how you're running more and faster!

    1. Yes, I had to jump on that sale even if they were last year's model and the color is alittle too pink for me.

      I will remember that...and that makes me want to hold off on wearing the Newtons until I wear out the Brooks.

      Thanks. I feel faster, but I still have a long way to go.

  2. Girl I have 5 pairs of running shoes right now.. active. I still have one in the box and was considering another pair since mine are super cheap right now. No shame in having multiple pairs of sneaks.

    1. Thanks Tara. It makes me feel better when others justify it for me...although they are all runners. LOL!


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