Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Route 66 Marathon Recap and My First DNF

I haven't ran since my first triathlon. In fact, this blog should really be called bikekwbike, because that's mostly what I have been doing. I made the hard decision in September to not run the Route 66 Marathon, because I haven't been able to train. However, I still planned go to Tulsa to cheer on the Allen sisters for their first marathon.
And then in early November, I got a Run For Your Life: Holiday Edition Challenge invite on Facebook to run or walk 100 miles by December 31, 2014. I did not finish the original one (75 miles) back in August, because that was the start of my foot problems and I thought I still had a chance to run the marathon if I rested, but sadly, that was not the case. The organizer posted that we could run 2 miles per day and reach 100 miles. I gave it some thought and decided quickly to go for it. I knew I could run at least two miles without dying and I'm going to have surgery early 2015 anyways to fix the foot, which will put me out of commission for awhile...again. So, might as well get in as much exercise as I can. It's not like the running or walking will make it any worse.
On a side note, I've been doing the challenges (~2 miles running and walking most days) and I'm even at 36 miles already.
When I got to Tulsa, I planned to run Saturday and the morning before the race started. After my Saturday run, my ladies talked to me into just running the portions I planned to run on Sunday during the marathon and then getting a DNF (Did Not Finish). I thought about it and even wrestled with running the damn thing all together. In the end, I decided to go for it, because I did pay money to participate. I picked out a marker (or two) where the Giant could scoop me up. Mile 2 and 5 were the same spots on the route. So, if I went passed Mile 2, I could catch him at Mile 5. Settled, I was running the start of the marathon.
Your new running elite group right here.
I started the race with Mal and BranDee. Val was doing the half in another time slot. She actually was in the same slot as me, but BranDee and I agreed to run together during my miles. We saw the confetti and the drone and we were off.
It's time to get serial.
We were dancing to the music as he kept me warm.
She will be running with me, i.e., shoes and headphones.

This was a super cool running costume.

That black dot is a drone. Very cool.

First thing I noticed was the freaking hills. Holy mackerel. This was a Boston qualifier? How?! I can't believe people can run this with no problems, but I do come from the flat city known as Houston. I ran up a few of the beginning hills, but had to walk up them after like three. The route just didn't have enough downward portions or breaks from the hills. Oddly enough, I noticed my foot felt better when I ran down the hills. We just didn't get that many. When we got to Mile 2, I didn't see the Giant and decided to keep on running to Mile 5.

The area I ran was beautiful. In fact, Tulsa was beautiful. I was expecting something different from this city, but the fall colors really just made this town pop. It was a totally nice surprise. Plus, we were in a very rich area and the houses were outstanding to view.

Actually, the joke the evening before was that I would do 2.62 miles instead of 2 miles.

Pretty fall colors heading into the park to Mile 5.


Yeah, that just happened.
BranDee and I had some good talks and I had to walk a great deal of time, but I always picked up the run again. The crowd support was not all that big in the first five miles, but I heard it got better, which included beer and Jell-O shots. I found the Giant at Mile 5 waiting for me and I told BranDee good luck.

The Giant deserves a kiss for being Sherpa Jim for us ladies.
It was weird to DNF for the first time. I knew going into it, but it still felt wrong somehow. We hung out on this bench watching the others go by. It made me sad, but I eventually got over it. The Giant and I headed for breakfast and then back to the finish line to cheer on the ladies (Val was already done). I actually ended up doing like three miles of walking afterwards.
That my friends is a guy dressed as the lampshade from the Christmas Story. Oh yes.
This was a great shot.
Her nephew, Adam wanted to join in on the fun.
He was so proud of his aunt.
There was talks to join BranDee, but I'm glad we didn't.

So proud of this lady!

And this lady.

 I loved hanging out with these ladies.

Overall, I enjoyed what little running I did. The marathon was well organized and had so many better things than Edinburgh Marathon, such as a better expo and food afterwards. My only complaint was the online tracker did not accurately tell where the runners were.

I got to hang out with a new friend and cheer on some of my favorite people in their first marathon. As always, the Giant was just awesome. He reminds me to put on a long sleeve after a run even when I don't think I need it (but I do). And because the ladies and I had such a good time, we decided to make this an annual thing. We have Marine Corps Marathon in our sights, New York City Marathon if we don't get into the first (both lotteries), Wine Half Marathon, and then Long Island Marathon if all others fail. I'm super excited. Sherpa Jim, Paparazzo Dan, and Mule Martin (still working on it) have "volunteered" their services.
Have you ever DNF? Did you tell anyone or just walk off the course like I did? I honestly didn't see anyone to tell besides the DJs and people handing out drinks.


  1. Congrats on getting out there and running any way super woman! You rock at staying active and making the best out of every situation you face.

    1. Thanks Cintia. I'm really trying to just get out there before I lose it completely for a period of time.

  2. I love the way you just went for it, knowing you wouldn't even finish. I didn't even know the term DNF. (that gives away my lack of participation in such events!) But I just love that attitude! It was fun seeing pics of my old town Tulsa. Glad you saw some colors and some fun with drones and confetti!

    1. Yes, its a common running term for people who don't finish. And I liked Tulsa during this season. I will definitely go back.


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