Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cranksgiving 2014

When I read the Cranksgiving invite come through one of my biking groups on Facebook, I thought, "Oh, it's a anti-Thanksgiving party." And then I remembered that this is probably something to do with cycling. I read a little bit further and viola, it is cycling and helping the homeless and their pets organized by Jurassic Bark Rescue and HTX Bike Social (check out their Facebook page) to benefit Project Ninja. Not only do I like to do some type of activity on Thanksgiving Day (check out previous 2012 and 2013 posts) to combat the amount of food I would eat, but I especially loved combining exercising with helping. I really wasn't as excited about the Turkey Trot as I was when I delivered meals to people after the Turkey Trot. And animals...yes. So, I was super excited and quickly signed up the Giant and I. He was not as excited, but he liked getting out on the bike on a beautiful day.

And it was a beautiful day.

We rode up to Hermann Park for a start time of 10:30, which was actually 11, which was really 11:15. Oh well. I didn't need to bring anything, because I gave a bunch of supplies to Kelley the week before. ABC even came out to do a news segment on us, which you can see here.

I believe Martha is yelling at David and rightfully so.

After talking to a few new people, we got our supplies and headed out. We had a small group, which included Caroline and Juan and a few other people. We hit up a tent city in Hermann Park (didn't know was there) and then went to a few places we knew with dogs. Caroline brought big bags of dog food and I wished I brought some, too. I thought they would have extras for us to carry. Sometime in the 12 hour, we headed back to the park when we ran out of supplies.

This lady had it down with all the snacks and places to go.
It was such a great event and I hope to do something like it again next year. Although, this time, I will bring more snacks and water and dog food with me. We ran out too fast. Thanks to everyone who set this up and thanks to everyone who came (especially the ones who brought cookies). Afterwards, the Giant and I had a great day for his first American Thanksgiving.

Did we not learn our lesson from the Mother's Day fiasco on letting my stepdad take pictures?

This is what happens when someone has taken 1,000 pictures and still doesn't know how to work the camera properly.


  1. What wonderful photos, especially the ones gathered around the Thanksgiving table eating. Of course, the subjects were challenging, even for an experienced photographer.

  2. That's a great way to spend your Thanksgiving!

    1. It was really was a great day and such beautiful weather, which is unheard of for Texas.

  3. So impressive that you did something besides eating on T-Day! I was proud that I went on a walk... Not only did you bike, but you got out there and shared the day (and food) with others. That is very cool! Looks like you had some fun chowing down later! :)

    1. Hey, a walk is a walk. You be proud of yourself for getting out there for something when most people don't. And yes, it felt good. Put things into perspective like when a homeless person would not accept dog food when they already had a bag.


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