Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just a Quick Hike Up Enchanted Rock

The Giant and I were heading to wine country with the Cordovas (the same peeps from my marathon). No, not Napa, but Fredericksburg, TX, steep in German heritage and traditions and drinking lots of great wine. And I wasn't going to let a trip to that area go by without a stop to Enchanted Rock.

The last and only time I went to Enchanted Rock, I repelled down parts of it. I loved it, but haven't been back since. Plus, I never hiked to the top.

I knew it wasn't a very big hike (rises 425 feet above the base elevation of the park), which would be ok after a long day of drinking wine and dancing at Luckenbach,TX. And boy, did we dance.

The weather changed constantly and required layers; there was also the threat of more rain. When the sun came out, it was too warm wearing the my new awesome outfit from Eddie Bauer. But when the clouds socked in, it was cold with the wind.
We ate at this place called Old German Bakery and Restaurant famous for their German Pancakes. It was so freaking delicious and wished we spent more time here. I highly recommend it if you are ever in Fredericksburg.
We started the hike up the rock. It was steeper than I thought it would be and we had to stop a few times just for a rest. The scenery was beautiful.
I don't even know how to caption this picture.
Come on baby. I got you.
We did make it to the top and Giant and I spent some time just sitting and soaking in what we were seeing. It was this kind of view that proves my point of how great Texas is to live. I just couldn't get enough, but it was time to drink some more wine.
Loved these little vegetation pockets on top of the rock.
Our view at the top. It doesn't even do it justice.
Is JL watching over us or what?
Yes, I had to do the cliché feet shot. I'm not upset about it.
I stole their moment and it was so worth it. By far, my favorite picture.
Okay, I'm not sure when I got that water stain on my chest. I missed my lip at some point. UGH!
So, we headed back down the rock (with a few stops for pictures). It was the perfect way to burn some calories. And thankfully, it didn't rain at all on us during the hike.
Overall, I had so much fun on this little getaway. We came back with more wine (and Peach Cider) than we can handle. I got to do some new things and hike a big rock. I can't wait to take more trips like this in the future.

These are some fun pictures we took during our weekend. Sadly, we got none of us at the winery. Hmmmm....

We went to the famous Albert Dance Hall, which is essentially the town.

I can't believe this is my first stop to Luckenbach, TX. I had so much fun. It's another town, which is just the bar.
As a Texas girl, we are used to (and love) bands with fiddles. This was the first time for me to ever hear a band with a horn player instead of the fiddler. It was amazing. I talked to him afterwards and was really impressed. The band I think was named Paul Cauthen band (or that was his solo act shirt that I saw). Check them out.


  1. Super cool as always! And congrats on the Tri! You totally rock! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Sounds like fun! I love hiking!

  3. Thanks both of you! I love hiking, too. And I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving.

  4. I can't believe I've never been to Enchanted Rock. I need to go there soon!

    1. Oh you must go. It's not too strenuous either. Plus, the wine...oh my the wine. So many wineries everywhere and the town is just super cute.

  5. So fun to see good ole E Rock! I think it's one of the hardest places to photograph. Every photo I saw before visiting my first time, made it just look like a big boring rock (even pro shots) I was amazed to discover how awesome it is in person. The photo of Jim in foreground with rock behind him, shows just how crazy steep it is! I've never been able to capture that. And Luckenbach!! I've never been. I really want t go!

    1. Yes, even these pictures make It look boring, but it really is not. I love it and a perfect hike for something simple. I'm surprised I have never been to Luckenbach or Albert Hall. Check and CHeck. I highly recommend.


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