Friday, April 11, 2014

Running for a Free Shirt

In late January, I joined the Karbach Running Club hosted at the Karbach Brewery. Right now, Karbach is the only brewery in Houston that has both biking and running, as well as talk about a triathlon team very soon. I think this is awesome and I love being a part of it. We run roughly three miles every Thursday at 6 p.m. After five running appearances with the club, you get a free shirt. I already have a shirt from the biking team in which I bought last Monday to support the Karbach Biking Team doing the MS 150 this weekend (plan to do this next year with this team).

Well, last night was my fifth night to run and I got my free shirt. Jim also got his shirt, too. I'm especially excited, because I increased my speed with the help of Jim. I ran a 9:47 in the first mile, which I haven't done in God knows how long. I couldn't keep up the pace, but still, I got it. I also ran the entire time. I had one 5 second stop to catch my breath and I was back to running. My overall time was 2.80 miles in 28 minutes. Jim continued on to make three miles, but I didn't. I was ready for a beer or water or both.

Rider, Joanne, me, Jim, and one of our new friends, Jessica. Joanne got her shirt a couple of weeks ago (when I should have, too).

Jim and I proudly showing off our shirts. I have no answers for what I am doing in the picture.
We also met some new people, while drinking beers and having a good time. I can't say enough how I'm loving this community. When we first showed up, we met Robert and was introduced to a new discipline of triathlons for us (Joanne and I). We now feel like the veterans welcoming new people and introducing them.

I got my new card and ready for another five exciting runs with this club. My next run is 15 miles this weekend. EEK! Wish me luck!

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