Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Skipped My Registered Run

Last Saturday, I was registered for the 4 The Park Fun Run to raise money for Memorial Park. I couldn't do this run last year and was excited about being able to do it this year. I had a 10 mile run scheduled for the weekend as part of my training. I figured I would run the 5k and then finish off the rest of the 10 miles after I was done. However, because of wacky turns in my exercise schedule, I ended up with four days in a row of exercising by Friday. Saturday would make it five days, including that long 10 mile run. I had to put it on Saturday, because if I pushed it to Sunday, that would be six days of exercising in a row. And by Friday, I was already feeling drained.

I decided to set my alarm clock at 6 a.m. and then assess my body. Well, I woke up, went to the bathroom, and began to assess. I was tired. I felt tired Friday evening before I went to bed and my stomach was still off from whatever happened. So, I laid there for five more minutes, then turned off my alarm, and went back to bed. It would be the first time that I have deliberately missed a registered and paid for run that wasn't caused by injury or sickness.  And you know what...I didn't care. It wasn't a terribly expensive race. The money would go for a good use, but I had to accept that my body just wasn't up to a 10 mile run at all. Plus, I had the busiest day known to man with two parties on opposite sides of Houston booked (by accident) pretty much at the same time.

So, what did I do? I took Remington to Hermann Park for a long walk and picture taking of the bluebonnets. What I didn't know was that the bluebonnets were everywhere and mostly around the bayou. This was my first time taking Remington by the bayou (always biked here) and he was just super excited smelling the new smells. We haven't done a park walk together like this for awhile.

We walked all long snapping photos, went on the bridge, under the zombie attack underpass, and then around the golfing trail of Hermann Park. It was a beautiful morning (not too hot, not too cold or rainy). It was just right. And Remington had a blast until about the fifth time I made him pose in front of the flowers. I couldn't help myself. The flowers were beautiful. This would also be a Last American Hourah bucket list item checked off.

On Sunday, I felt refreshed to run my 10 mile run without any issues. I am not sure if I actually did 10 miles or 10.25 miles, but I did something.

And here are the pictures of our walk. He really should be on America's Next Dog Model. No flowers were hurt in the making of these photos.

Something smells good down here.

Mom, I'm bored. Can we stop taking pictures?

What was that? You didn't hear that sound? Where was it? Who is it?

Mom, seriously, when I agreed to this walk, I agreed to a walk. I didn't agree to all this stopping and posing and you yelling at me to not move.

Clearly, we have missed the point of walking.

I've walked over this bridge a few times and I guess this is new. I thought it was a clever art display since we are in the Medical Center.

That guy is BACK. ON. THE. STAIRS.

To show you that I took pictures of other flowers, too.

I loved this pop of color.

This is my favorite picture and one I will have framed.

Was that a duck I just saw?

My man giving me some kisses after a long morning of picture taking...er I mean walking.
And just because this quote is so true right now...


  1. Nice to see you can take your own advice...listen to the body. What beautiful pics of the bluebonnets and sweet doggy! Those old flowers have been nice motivation to you this spring!!

  2. I went a little overboard with the pictures, but I couldn't help it. Yes, it's nice to have my training in full swing right as it's blooming.


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