Thursday, June 27, 2013

Working Out on Vacation...NO SERIOUSLY

Ever since I saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off, I've wanted to be there...and yes, we did the hey batta batta swing batta.

Last weekend, I checked off one of my bucketlist items...see a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. There are few historical stadiums still left in existance that I want to see before they go buh bye (like Yankee Stadium), including Fenway Stadium and Lambeau Field. Call me a sports me an me a traditionalist. Whatever, this is what I want to see. So, my brother and I decided to make it a sibling bonding trip to see our beloved Astros (yes, I know they aren't doing well blah blah blah) play against the Cubs at their home turf. This would also be my first time cheering my team on at an away game. I heard horror stories about opponent team fans getting mistreated, banged up, etc. In fact, it was all over the news how the White Sox fans treated the Stros fans in Chicago. I witnessed unruly White Sox fans on our home turf during the World Series and a few were ejected from the game. Consequently, I wouldn't go to Oakland, any Philly games, or a White Sox game wearing my team that they are playing on their home turf. However, this was the Cubs and this was a historical site. And from what I read, many people come from all over just to watch a game there (so true). So, I didn't fret and we both wore our team outfits with pride.

But like I said, this blog is about exercising. I will start off by saying, I haven't walked this much in a city since London. Boy howdy, was I ever tired and sore after just an hour of walking walking walking. I felt like that's all we did. We were just so close to everything that we didn't feel it necessary to get on a train or catch a cab to go a couple of blocks.

So, I woke up early on Saturday morning to go for a run. I debated back and forth between just running on the hotel gym's treadmill or going out for a run on the street. I'm still having issues with my back and the last time I ran on pavement, my back got worse. So, at the last minute, I decided that I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to run in this city where they have the Chicago Marathon. I would just run a mile and walk if anything got bad...and naturally, run slow like a turtle in quicksand.

The best part was our hotel location; we were right next to the Chicago River. You can't get any better than that when it comes to a good run. Our hotel was big on fitness and even provided running, walking, and bike paths for their guests. The line at the Conceriage Desk had too many people doing the same thing, but I didn't want to wait. So, I took off with the plan to just run down the river and circle back.

On the 11th floor, this was our view of the House of Blues. I loved this design and learned it served as a theater for the very high condos above it.

I snapped this photo in the middle of the Dearborn Bridge over the Chicago River.

It looks like they are rebuilding Chicago.

Another view looking back at the Chicago River.

At this point, I was stopped by some people. They said that I had to move so they could film a commercial. Eventually, I was let go and these were just a few of their cars. They filmed throughout the day.

I wished I got to see some famous people, but sadly, all I saw were the million of workers blocking off the streets.

I ran back over the Orleans Bridge to make my way back to the hotel.

I saw some stairs and headed down to this little park area, which I later found out on the Architectural tour that it has a Native American name and grows wild onions. There are two possible meanings and I only remember the Stinking Onion one.

I saw a water taxi go by in the river.

The LaSalle Train tracks and railings, which to me, looked very cool.

This was a look back in to downtown.

As soon as I saw this sign, a car honked and scared the crap out of me. much for signs.

I thought this was such a cool architectural element to this building.

One thing I liked about the weird driving/parking rules in Chicago is having a big open bike lane next to the curb (instead of car parking). However, it looks funny to have the cars parked out in the street like this one is parked.

The only time I have been to Chicago, I went here to eat. Our hotel was next door to Harey Carey's.

All in all, it was a slow run, but a run nonetheless. And the best part, I could run after 8 a.m. without feeling like the humidity grim reaper was coming for me. I'm not saying it didn't get hot, but it was easier to run than in Texas.

On Sunday, I used the fitness gym to do my third personal workout training for the week. I was pretty happy with the exercising I did on vacation. I sure needed it for the amount of eating and drinking that took place. Seriously, how do Chicagoans stay skinny when they are eating the delicious Chicago Style Dogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, and Deep Dish Chicago Style pizza all the time? Seriously.

On a side note, Wrigley Field was amazing to see, but needs screens and more bathrooms. We had minimal ribbing from fans (except from the troll lady and her ugly family next to us and one drunk girl at the end of the night). Also, Astros came back to win the one game we saw 4 to 3. GO STROS!!!

We lucked out that one fan would take our picture.
After the game...after we won...HECK YES!


  1. Of course, you will never get me to Chicago. Even your beautiful photos wouldn't do it, and you know why! But this isn't about me.

    Speaking of photos . . . I love all of them! But, my favorite was the red building. Well, and of course, my two lovely children.

    I can't believe y'all didn't get harassed anymore than you did.

    Were there any other Astros fans there?

    1. Actually, there were a lot more Astros fans than I expected to see. We had groups on our plan going there and coming back. We were hi-fiving every Stros fan we saw. Even though your son thought that we didn't have to make friends with ALL of them. I disagreed.

  2. The streets are too cumbersome; narrow, and no places too park. That must be a nightmare getting to/from work - must be real brave. Glad you both had a good time; team winning - now back to TX.

    1. Back in Texas the heat heat heat.

  3. Fun! This makes me want to get back to Chicago...and maybe even run there. What a fun city! Did you see (or taste) Garrett's Popcorn? I would drive to Chicago just for that. Glad you got on more check on the bucket list!

  4. No, I didn't see Garrett's Popcorn. Oh I would have loved to try me some popcorn. I was amazed by the side items that go in certain things. For instance, you don't get a bell pepper chunks on your Italian Beef, you get a whole big old slice. It was the same for the hot dogs, too.

  5. I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip! I have only been to Chicago once in the dead of winter, so I have less-than-favorable impressions. This has convinced me to give it another shot!

    1. I would probably hate winter in Chicago, too. I hear it's brutal. So, Summer in Chicago is just fine. However, I'm used to the heat and this wasn't too bad.

  6. I have never been to Chicago but judging from your photos it looks definitely worth a visit. I'm glad you had a great time.

    1. Yeah, and that's only the little bit of the pictures that I took. My brother and I had a great time. It's definitely a fun city worth a visit.

  7. So fun! I want to visit Chicago someday!

    1. It was a really amazing trip. My brother and I have NEVER done that before, but it was worth it. And Chicago was just the perfect city to do that kind of trip since we are both baseball fans (and sports fans in general). The architectural boat tour was fun (but really shade), the Sears Tower had amazing views (but the Sky Deck scared the crap out of me), and the food and drinks were just great. You should definitely put it on your list.


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