Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm Cleared to Run

I haven't really posted much in the last 2 weeks, because my Physical Therapy was not anything to write about. I mean, I covered PT in many of my blog posts last year and it was a lot of the same stuff. I did learn some new stretches and it has helped my ankle tremendously. I even did some light running from the dumpster to my apartment with dogs in tow. I also asked my parents for their bike that they don't use to help me with some exercising before I start gungho in running. Unfortunately, the bike had to get a tuneup and won't be ready until April 4-5 (darn MS 150...which is a great cause and everyone should donate to it).

My goal is to run a mile this weekend at Hermann Park. I wanted to last night, but the rain has been off and on throughout the day (stormy even). Hopefully, I will get that in today. It is supposed to rain all weekend. I also signed up for my first yoga class in a LONG time. It's not my favorite Yoga for Athletes, but it's still good. I'm doing the Hatha Yoga, which is more about the breathing and stretching.

In the meantime, I have signed up for the Sprint for Life 5K on May 6, 2012, in honor of the Allen sister's late mother. I remembered when Mal approached me 2 years ago to run in this event. I was team training hardcore that year and the only weekend we could get together was that same weekend. I felt bad, but I donated money and Mal got me a shirt. The next year, I donated money, but couldn't run. I was in a car accident a couple of weeks prior and just couldn't run through the pain. This year, I'm free...I hope barring I don't have something ELSE awful happen to me. So, I'm running and I'm totally excited. Mal and BranDee can't be there, but I will get to join MeGan. I feel honored to be a part of this and I'm happy to do this for them. Those girls hold a special place in my heart.

If you can help out in any way, please do so either by giving alittle bit on my donation page at MD Anderson Sprint for Life 5K to help in the fight against Ovarian Cancer or to join my team (looking at you Kate, Haley, and Amy). We could use your help for sure.


  1. I joined my first yoga class this (past) semester, and it was hatha yoga! Not having known anything about yoga, I loved it, and I learned to really appreciate the stretching :)

  2. Hey congrats. I love Hatha Yoga. Once you really get in to it, you can try a Yoga For Athletes class. They do stretches for the runners and it feeeeeelllllssss soooo gooood!


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