Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Physical Therapy #1

I finally had my PT appointment yesterday. The girl was an intern and I think I knew more about where to go and what to do than she did, but that's okay. I did get to work on strengthening my ankle using machines that I just don't have. I had to do a little over 15 leg squat/leg presses on this machine they called the Total Workout. It felt weird at first and my ankle was really shakey, but it loosened after awhile. Then, we moved on to step ups, step downs, with a focus on the down part. I have noticed that my ankle hurts the most when I step down. So, we did alot of those. Next up, I had to stand on one foot for a minute. At first, she tried me on the BOSU, but it was just too unstable for me. So, we used the foam pad. I did that about 3 times. And then we moved on to my old friend...throw a medicine ball at a trampoline thing while standing on my bad ankle. Only this time, I had to do this facing front and then facing to the side (both sides). By the end, my ankle was hurting. She then moved me on to the bike for a 10 minute ride. I liked it and it felt good. I'm confident that if I don't run right now, I am going to bike this weekend. Well, first I have to ask my parents to borrow their bike.

She said that if my Doctor said it was okay to run, then it's okay. However, she understood that I was scared to run. I am. I know I shouldn't be, but I have had so much happen with this foot (and the other foot). I don't want to push too early and risk hurting it even more. I did a few light light light runs around my apartment and I did a light light light, even lighter run from my car to the stairs; it didn't go so well. So, biking it is for me.

Wish me luck!

On a side note, I went to Mythbusters:  Behind the Myths Tour with Adam and Jayme. It was awesome.

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