Friday, June 10, 2011

Slowly Getting Back

I have finally made the decision that my back is well enough for me to pick up exercising and training for that half marathon. I haven't ran this week, mainly because it is just super hot here right now. By the time, it somewhat cools down, I'm just settling in or I'm going out for the evening. And I thought about getting up early (5 a.m.) to go running, but haven't actually done it. It's still an option, because I'm not the best of sleepers anymore.

On a lot of days, I head to the pool to lay out and do some mini workouts in the pool. I swim (usually the froggy swim) and I tighten my stomach muscles when I do it. So, go me!

Yesterday, I actually did about 30 squats after I got out of the shower. But this morning, I decided to get in to my old regiment of 50 crunches, 30 side crunches each, 20 situps, and 25 squats. It felt good and my stomach actually feels something. My back didn't totally cry out in a pain and running is next. I plan to hit up Memorial Park this weekend, because I know the track well and I know where to go if something goes wrong with my back.

Also, since MaloRee is in town (one of my old running partners), we are going to go to Memorial Park all next week to train. She doesn't realize it yet, but her sister and I are making her train for a half marathon. And BranDee and I are going to train long distance since she lives in Connecticut.

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