Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 Sprint For Life 5k Recap

It's May and you know what time of the year that means for me?! That's right, it's Sprint For Life 5K time where I run to raise money in the fight against ovarian cancer. I do this run every year in honor of my Great Aunt Betty and MaloRee, BranDee, and MegGan's mother who both died from Ovarian Cancer. So, this is the one time of a year where a race actually means something to me (besides of course my first marathon in 2 WEEKS and the first annual Quadraman this year). Check out previous years' post here and here. Also, this race is literally the race that started this blog and training even though I didn't participate. The only differences were that Kate didn't run it with me (BOO!) and freaking MaloRee surprised me that day to run it with me (YAY!). And I also registered for this at the last minute and didn't really do a proper fundraise. Oops.

Super excited I got to run with this beautiful lady who just finished her first half marathon!
Even though this race means something to me and I look forward to it every year, I hate the start time of 7 freaking 30 in the morning. Thankfully, I live close by, but I still have to get up early to take out the dog and get there before they start closing off the streets by my house. I also can never remember to park in the free event parking lot and instead go to the standby pay lot. I so blame Kate for this one.

The registration and packet pickup was a mess. We had to get in line alphabetically and get our bib number and then get into another line that corresponds with that number. If you are like me, you aren't very much awake at 7:30 a.m. and really can't process this whole needing to know your bib number instead of going by your last name. I got up to the front (thankfully, my line was the shortest out of all the lines, but not by much) and forgot my damn number. So, I had to get out of line to get the number and then wait again. They also ran out of shirts in my size, but I didn't care too much about it since I don't wear the shirts ever. When they announced that they were starting in two minutes, I just looked around at the crowd of people still waiting to get their bibs. They did push the start time, but not by much. I hope they don't do it this way next year or figure something out to make it more efficient.

But, it was a beautiful day to run...not too warm, not too cold. Although, I have noticed that for some reason, this run every year always starts with a cold morning, which is not the norm for May in Texas.

Dan, Mal, Sammi, and myself left the line and headed to the start where everyone was already going. We walked at first and then eventually moved to running around the walkers. It took awhile, but we finally got through. Dan and Mal were off and Sammi and I hung back. I was okay taking it easy since I didn't know my physical capability after the Norovirus incident I just got over.

Love going over Brays Bayou. I need to run there more.
On a side note, I did pretty good.

Eventually, I left Sammi and caught up with Dan. We ran and walked and ran and walked. We saw Mal on the other side heading back (she freaking finished it in 28 minutes...awesome!).

Look at that smile!
Then, it was our turn to head back where we saw Sammi. We got towards the end and I told Dan that we are running the rest of the way to the finish line. He agreed. Before I had a chance to look back at him, he was gone sprinting like some weird gazelle trying to do a 5 minute mile. I am not made for that speed and certainly can't keep it up. So, I picked up my pace and ran it in by myself where I saw Mal cheering me on the side line. We then turned around to cheer on Sammi.

I'm here, aren't I?! 

 I didn't get any sleep and I'm up exercising in the morning. Something is not right with the universe.

Cheering on Sammi.

Running in for the win over those other girls.

First time together running this event.

And these are my new shoes, Asics GT 2000. Aren't they so freaking beautiful? Thanks mom for the wonderful b-day present. I have decided that Asics are my shoes and I will never leave them again. I was so stupid in the past. This type of shoe fits my running style better. It's like Heaven on my right foot, but still having issues with the left.
After we finished, we went over to the after race party area. We got some Ovarian Cancer items from the store (first time they have been here, I think), had some food, and took off. I was happy they had the Coconut Water brand that I like.
It was a great morning and a great run. I felt strong and confident enough to run six miles the next day. Since I registered so late for this run, I didn't do a good job fundraising. I did manage to raise $175, which is better than nothing. You can still donate for a month I think. Thank you to everyone who supported the cause and Dan, Mal, and Sammi for running with me.

BranDee also ran 3.1 miles around her house since she could not be in Houston for the actual event. These were her pictures from the run and it couldn't have been more spiritual seeing those rainbows.

Double rainbow!

Next big event will be the EMF Edinburgh Marathon Festival in almost two weeks. OMG! I can't believe it's coming up so soon. EEK! Slightly nervous. Okay, take deep breaths, deep, long breaths. I will be fine. I will be fine. WOOOSAAAAA!


  1. Looks like you had a great run despite the difficult start. It's fore sure a great cause. Congrats.

  2. I did have a good run. Thanks Freya!


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