Monday, February 4, 2013

Is It Spring?

Source: GOOGLE, Punxsutawney Phil Makes His Statement for 2013.
Punxsutawney Phil didn't see a shadow on February 2, declaring that there will be an early Spring for 2013. Well, I didn't need a groundhog to tell me that, because it has been Springlike weather here in Texas for the last couple of weeks. It's amazing outside, with temperatures during the day in the low 70s and 50s at night. There is low humidity, which means that you can run at anytime during the day. Plus, the days are staying lighter longer. So, my question for all you Texans out there, "Why aren't you outside?"

And that's what I did all weekend long. I needed it, too. I haven't been able to run too much and when I did, it didn't give me the satisfaction like usual. But I will get to that later. Let's get back to the beautiful running I did this weekend.

On Friday, I ran roughly 2.5 miles. I forgot to charge my watch, which meant that I just ran. Thankfully, I had my ipod. I only had two walk breaks, because I really tried to focus on my speed. More speed means more of Kristi out of breath and dying. And do you think I remembered what time I left out for my run? Of course not. So, I don't know how long it took me.

My goal this weekend was to get a three mile run in at some point. I am running a 10k in a couple of weeks and I need to prepare for it. At first, I planned for Sunday, but Saturday was just too beautiful. I kept going back and forth between which park to run at, because I woke up late (it's been a couple of weeks where I got a decent night's sleep) and just started everything late. As it would happen, my car steered me towards Memorial Park. I felt that since this was my first three mile run in 2013, I wanted to run it at the park I love best for long runs (one loop is three miles).

Did I mention how beautiful it was outside? Well, it was. I plugged in my ipod and set up my watch (I didn't forget it this time). I started out with a new song I downloaded by Pat Green called Feeling Pretty Good Tonight. It really just summed up my run. I decided to do some more speed work so I can reach that goal of doing a 5k in < 30 minutes. But I also tried out the 10 minute run/1 minute walk plan. My first mile was 10:06, which for me is awesome. I haven't done a 10 minute mile in such a long time. I was super excited about it. I wanted to make it right at 10 minutes, but well, it just didn't happen. I lost a little steam in the next mile with finishing it at 10:45. This is still not bad for me since I'm under 11 minutes. But my last mile was rough. I was huffing and puffing and had to take another walk break. Not to mention, I was super slow. I finished in over 13 minutes, which brought up my average to 12 minute miles or something. Even though my last mile sucked in terms of speed, I still ran three miles in 36 minutes. WOW! I couldn't believe it and that just gave me hope that I can get this goal done.

Sunday's run was my easy run, which reads SLOW and it was so very slow. I clicked the GPS on my watch inside my house, which I believe threw off my mileage. According to my watch, I ran three miles, but I'm pretty sure that I ran 3.5 miles. I finished this in roughly 47 minutes. It was turtle slow (not to be confused with the turtle powerhouses in the turtle races at Lil' Woodrow Thursday nights. I ran by my apartnment taking in different paths. I biked to Holly Hall before, but never ran it. I also added a quick trip around the track. It wasn't pretty, but I felt good afterwards and really good when I stuffed my piehole with Perifiteroles a plenty at the Anderson Superbowl Party.

So, that brings me to some things that I noticed on the runs. When did everyone get black Labradors? I swear I see them with every other owner. Losing Lady (my black Lab of 13 years) two weeks ago was hard, but it makes it harder seeing all these beautiful Labs happily running/walking with their owners. I still smile though, because I know the secret and that is they have the best dog ever.

Lady, the best dog a girl could have. I miss you!

Lady's pawprint. I think they did a good job.
This brings me to the other thing I noticed about running during a rough time (although, it did wonders for me when I went through that divorce) and that it just didn't satisfy me or make me smile. I tried to run off the stress on the day I found out that she may have to be put down. I ran on that morning waiting to find out the results. I ran on the day after filled with sadness and guilt. Not either of those times made me feel good. In fact, I felt angry during the run. It didn't do for me what skydiving did for me when my dad died. And now I'm jonesin' for some air time. It's been a long time since I have been pacing waiting to go to the dropzone. This weekend will change this for sure.

But on a lighter note, I really kept to my goal of having at least two meatless day a month. I learned to make stuffed eggplant and then stuffed bell peppers. It has been fun learning these new recipes and they were delicious to boot. I wonder what February will bring for me!


  1. Its been hard on you losing Lady. And, she was a great dog, even though she was so rambunctious at times, i.e., dragging me down the stairs at my old age when I came to walk her. She loved everyone, never bit anyone and was always in a good mood and happy to see you. But, remember Kristi, she is gone from your sight but never from your heart.

    I love stuffed eggplant. Come over and make it for Jim and I sometime. I'll pay for all the ingredients and bring a friend.

    1. Ok, I will make it for you. It was a really good recipe.

      And yes, she did take your arm out of the socket, but it was worth it.

  2. For an addition to your jogging playlist try Brandi Carlile's "Hard Way Home" on your ipod -

    February should bring learning to cook with the Wok - healthy things like chicken or shrimp with peppers. They're in the book that came with the Wok.

    1. Oh I like it! I will add this song for sure. And yes, I will start playing with the wok this month.

  3. Well, it's still winter up north. Cabin fever is starting to set in, but hopefully the early spring will come true. Cheers!


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