Friday, October 14, 2011

Run Not So Good Yesterday

I need to get cracking on this running; I mean, I have a 10K next weekend over a bridge. So, I took out Remington for another run at Hermann Park mainly because I was running out of time. Having to hold back Lady and fight Bank of America just sucked up my time.

I got there with all my electronics that loaded down my waistline and neck. I had keys, ipod, leash, mace, running belt full of cards and phones. UGH! We started walking and I chose a different way to go, but Remington was just fired up for some reason. Maybe it was a lot of me yelling at them to calm down and all the noise getting there (doing construction by my house) or maybe it was the fact that I got there late when a lot of people were there with their dogs.

We started trotting along, but immediately, he had to go to the bathroom. Then, my earphone kept popping out. We kept moving, but he was always stopping. This was a much noiser side with lots of traffic (won't do that again). When we got around the corner, I noticed a Chinese Pagoda and the trees that overhung on the running path...beautiful. But then a dog came and I couldn't get Remi to be settled. He didn't bark or anything, but he lunged and then I got him to sit. He lunged at two runners and then another dog, but still no barking. I decided to take off my ipod for good, cut the run short, and go down the quieter path where all you hear is the click from the clubs hitting the golf ball. He seemed to relax more. And since I'm not even sure we ran a mile (I'm going to say we did), I picked up the run at full pace...even faster than my normal full pace. Remi was moving along, but slowly falling back. I ran all the way to the parking lot like that and I was proud that I ran so fast. We walked back to the car for our cooldown where I smelled the pot and looked over to see three people in a mini van burning one. Nice.

Afterwards, I got back in my car and took us home so that I could take out Lady (bouncing off the walls to get out of the house). We had a good ball throwing session in the grassy knoll in my apartment. She was pretty much dead at the end.

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