Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting Ready for the Toughest 10K

Well, the 2nd Toughest 10K in Galveston is fast approaching...yeah, on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. I haven't ran since last Monday or Thursday and that wasn't a very good run either. I have had a great deal of personal things going on in my life that has knocked me off my secure shelf. But I had to put those thoughts away and get to training. Hell, I have a half marathon in December and I would like to run more than 6 miles at some point.

Since I'm still separating the dogs and it's getting darker earlier, I have to include Remi on my run or I have to run in dark (not going to happen this week). I know it's not going to be a really great run, but I have to deal with my options at this point to get some training in before my events (and I got alot scheduled between now and then). I have to take him on the short path, because it's quieter and he still likes to stop to go to the bathroom. In fact, he went poop for the second time as soon as we started running. UGH!

The weather was cool (almost too cool since I was wearing capri pants a running thin shirt, but still great for a nice run. All in all, Remi and I ran the entire 1.5 loop without doing actual break stops due to exhaustion. We only stopped a few times for some passerbys and for him to sniff or a quick bathroom break. However, we did have to stop when the ambulances came (three in a row), because they were loud. I had him sit, gave him a treat, and covered his ears so he didn't freak out as they passed. Also, this was a good time to let the dog in front of us get some distance; Remi was surely focused on that poodle. With Remi, I worked on keeping him at my side, but he has a tendency to move fast when he sees something throwing me off.

I didn't make it to meditation for various reasons, including that I wanted to run and didn't have time to take out 2 dogs, run, and get to Bellaire in time. I had to pick running. I read some more chapters in Miracle of Mindfulness that you can practice meditation while running or walking. So, I decided to try focusing on my breathing, while I ran. It was hard, but I was starting to get the hang of it. Every so often, I would take a short breath in between my long breaths throwing me off. This helped me not think about being on the run giving me that extra endurance.

When we got close to the car, I picked up the pace and then I picked it up even more to an all out sprint to the parking lot. Poor Remi was doing what he could to keep up, but I wasn't going to let this run be a crappy one. My side was hurting at the end and I told Remi good job. I also gave him a treat.

Next up, either take him for 2 loops around or he's getting a short work so mommy can go to Memorial Park for a long run with Amy.

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