Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to Running

Well, I finished the big skydiving competition (Silver medal if you didn't read before) and now I'm back to running, finally. My injury isn't as bad as it was, but there is something still there. The rest for sure helped; however, I am still skydiving.

But Saturday felt like a good day to just start running at the dropzone. My run was not really what I had been doing before I took my break. In fact, it was downright embarrassing. A new girl, Rita wanted to join me on my run after I warned her that I'm out of shape and I run slow. She didn't care. Potter and IT also joined us for only the beginning part, because they run way too fast for me to even think of tagging along. A conversation that took place between myself and IT.
IT: "Yeah, I'm gonna need to slow it down to get ready for this marathon."
ME: "Oh really?"
IT: "Yeah, I need to slow it down to seven minutes to survive it."
ME: "Go F yourself. I hate you."

So, I knew that they would be gone, plus, they were racing eachother. I started off with some serious stretching and a light walk to warm up. I gave Rita a nod to say that I'm ready to start running and already she was faster. Oh, this was going to be a big mistake. I worked on my stride and tried not to focus on what she was doing. Not even halfway through it, I was complaining of running and needed a walk. She said, "Really? Already?" Yeah, that made me feel so bad and I kept going. I then started getting slower and she noticed. I told her to keep going and where to go to get 3 miles (my plan was only the mile). Basically, my run was more walking and alittle bit of running. In fact, one time, I had to actually stop everything to catch my breath. I felt so out of shape and like the first time I went running with Jodi (complaining my way to finish a mile). The other embarrassing part was that Rita met me at the door; she finished 2.2 miles around the dropzone when I finished the 1 mile. Oh that was just terrible, but it was good to get out there and start exercising. No matter what, it's still getting your body to work out. I will just have to start rebuilding back up to 6 miles like I was doing before. Stupid injury.

Also, this weekend, I worked alot on freeflying. In fact, I did this tube jump (picture soon) where I carry this large pylon tube. My arm was burning after a couple of seconds. My legs are sore, too, so I did something this weekend. I'm not sure when I'm running again, hopefully, tomorrow. I need to get back into the swing of things.

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