Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Galveston Sand Crab 5K Recap...Again

On Saturday, August 11, 2012, I participated in the Galveston Sand Crab 5K for the third time. I love this race, because it's on the beach and at night. Plus, they have beer at the end and I feel better about drinking beer at 9 p.m. than 9 a.m. The only thing I don't like is that I have to drive to Galveston for a 3 mile run.

At first, I considered not going. I didn't have anyone to go with and/or anyone to run with me. However, I paid money for this event and I'm not about to waste money, especially for the next year. I have lots of saving to do.

But I sucked it up and got in my car only to see that it was storming for most of my drive. Thankfully, it was not raining at all when I got there. In fact, it was beautiful, with less heat than Houston. Well, only a degree or 2 less. Let's not get carried away here. One thing I noticed when making my way on to the Seawall was the amount of people. Good golly, I haven't seen Galveston this crowded since Spring Break or Mardi Gras (when I was 18 and younger). Hurricane Ike destroyed a great deal of Galveston, but to be honest, Galveston was on a decline of tourism before that storm. Even though it was sad to hear stories about how people lost their homes, jobs, and family members, friends, and coworkers, Ike gave Galveston a chance to rebuild and make it better like how I envisioned Galveston before 1908. It's thriving now. There were people everywhere. I was worried I might not to be able to find a place to park. Hell, I was worried I might not make the event in time. It's also pretty clean compared to what Galveston used to be, but it's still has a long way to go from Jersey Shore to Cape Cod (being maybe South Padre Island). The other big change to Galveston is no longer seeing the famous Flagship Pier and Hotel a long the Seawall. The pier still stands, but that hotel from my memories is gone. It is now called Pleasure Pier, which I thought of something different when I read that name. The new pier is now about lights, food, fun, and rides. Even though I was sad to see a pier from my childhood changed in to something I didn't recognize, I was happy the city of Galveston was able to build something productive and good for their economy.

The new Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX. I wished I got a better photo, but I love this shot anyways.
Okay, back to the race. I made it to Porretto Beach to park (forced to park on the sand paying $10 since there was no free parking on the street). My car is a low car and well, I wasn't too sure about the sand since I had to park way far down on the beach. Thankfully, I had no issues getting in and out. As I headed to the start, people kept asking me about what was going on and why we were all there. Some really cute girls wished me good luck. As I walked to the race, I realized that I wasn't remotely prepared. I forgot my head lamp and to wear a brightly colored shirt. There was no reason to get bent out of shape since I did wear a white tank top and I don't use my lamp as much anyways. I also debated not wearing shoes, but decided against it since I could cut my foot on a piece of glass for all I know.

I was disappointed that I didn't see a great sunset, but I looked over to my right to see this image. I just couldn't take my eyes off it and no, it wasn't the girls in the lighted tutus.
Another view of that puffy and the sun coming out from behind it.

I was standing around waiting for the event to start. I'm not sure why the sign doesn't have FINISH on this side. Someone messed up.

Since I didn't have my wonderful photographer mother with me, I had to take my own pictures.

I bought these Asics Nimbas before the 2012 Sand Crab Run, but this is the first time I've worn them for this event.

I had to get creative, while standing there by myself.

Thankfully, someone asked me to take their picture. I had them reciprocate.
As I headed to the middle of the pack waiting for the race to start, I looked over to my right to see a bunch of ladies with very bright colors just dancing to themselves. One girl had a fish net type thing draped around her shirt, which I thought was great since this run was called the Sand Crab. I saw their shirts and it read Black Girls Run. I've been reading about them at Sheryl Yvette's blog. It's interesting how you read something on the internet from miles away and it can show up in your life like when I saw my friend show up on a Traveling Gypsy's blog that I read from freaking Madasgascar.

Finally, the race started. It was slow to get going as per usual, but I eventually made it through and started my journey. I had my ipod going and just stayed next to people with lights. I was actually running with this one girl for a distance, but she slowed down way too much. So, I latched on to someone else like an alien. Throughout the race, you could hear the various calls of HOLE. Some of them even came from me. My favorite was saying, "BIG ALLIGATOR THING."

I felt good in this run. I was just going along without feeling an ounce of fatigue. The air was not so hot and the breeze was nice against my skin. So far, this was the best out of the 3 runs temperature wise. Then, I see it...the turnaround point. I think I yelled out, "WOW! Turnaround Point Already." Someone responded with, "Thank God." I actually couldn't believe I was already here. Am I that fast? Has Superman met his match? I do have buns of steel. As I start running around, the sand got deeper and softer. I should have remembered this from the past 2 years, but I was on a high from how fast I got to this point. My energy level plummeted when I hit the crosswind. When I'm turned around to head back to the Finish Line, I feel the wind hit my face like a freight train. Ohhhhhhhh....that explains why I got here so fast. I was in a massive tailwind just gliding me across the sand. Whatever, I will take it.

This one brightly green (my mother would be so happy) lady would run ahead of me and then I would run ahead of her when she walked. So, I finally just decided to walk when she walked. The wind was really hurting and I was getting slower and slower. I did this for a bit until I realized that she's just walking way too much and it was getting harder and harder to pick up the run again. I stopped catching up to her on the run and just decided to walk when I felt like it.

I looked out in the distance to see where the Finish Line was located in relation to me. It was so far away. I started to plan out my stops to walk so that I could still make it to the end in a decent amount of time. Then, I looked up right before I was about to start a walk and realized that I was hitting the softer sand towards the Finish Line. I was already at the end and made a mad sprint to cross the line as 35 minutes something flashed on the clock. Holy Moly! That was the fastest I've ever run a 5K. And I just checked my results; I actually ran the 5K in 34:06:08. I was 34 out of 159 in my age group. I don't think I've ever been in the top 20% of the runners. Thank you mean my awesome running legs and skills. Aftewards, I got some bbq and a nice cup of Alamo Draft Beer. I was a fan of the pasta, but not the bbq. Since, I didn't really have anyone to talk to, I left after my first beer.

Look at that smile. Could it be because I finally got food since I didn't really expect traffic nor eat before the race? Could it be because of the ice cold beer in my hand? Could it be because I just did a fast 5K?

This race gave me a thrill of pure speed within a 5K (okay, speed for me) and have now come up with a new personal goal. I want to be able to run my next 5K event in 30 minutes. I'm so close I can taste it (although that could be the sweat). I would count my training runs, but I don't ever keep time (I forget, but I could sure could use a nice GPS watch (hint hint).

I officially start my marathon training next week, but I'm starting this week just to give me some kind of buffer. Technically, I began 2 weeks ago, but I haven't been as serious. See my stats below. And to top it off, I'm now at 141 lbs. This makes me so happy.

I do have to mention about my Hatha Yoga class at my new yoga place (Yoga House) for a month. I made the decision to just go on Friday evening (against the pyschic's warning from NOLA). The instructors were pretty relaxed and totally looked like they would prefer yoga on the beach than in a hot classroom in Houston, TX. At first, I didn't know what to expect or why he was taking so long for us to go in to the room. Yes, he was heating up the place as if we need that in Houston. The room was 113 degrees; he said that it was closer to 110 by the doors and thankfully, I was by the door. I didn't really feel the difference. This was by far the HOTTEST yoga class that I've ever done. I thought the Vinyasa class was the hot one, but apparently, it's this one, too. WHOA! I actually was in a bridge and slipped in my own sweat (he thought it was due to me just crashing like everyone else). My big moment was that I got in the headstand after crashing a few times causing the instructors to come to my aid. Okay, so, he helped me, but I still did it. Now, I have that as a goal. I will get there some day.

On a side note, Kate (I'm calling you out) and I have started the 28-Day Challenge:  Project GET HEALTHY. I'm going to do 300 crunches and 100 squats (or some kind of leg/butt exercise) every day. This might adjust to an even split. I will also include my Extreme Abs workout DVD in this (at least once a week), because I know that is WAY over 300 crunches.


  1. Nice work there KW - and if you would like to get tagged - go ahead and consider yourself tagged!

    5K pbs are a great way to start off marathon training - good luck with it!

  2. I told your mom we should get you a neato running watch, but noooooo, she said you would be better off with a Kindle - to read during the breaks in the 5k, I guess. Anyway, thanks for the hint. Xmas is comming!!

    Good run!! You averaged 5-1/2 mph and 0.4 mpg (of beer).

    1. First off . . . who is this "anonymous"? I think I know. She can have a watch but which one? She loves to read so I thought a Kindle would be nice especially since she travels and always lugs around this huge book in her bag. Won't it be nice to have this light weight Kindle to carry, and you can read it around the pool, at the beach, etc.

    2. First, I am proud that you went down there without having someone to go with. However, I understand its so much more fun to have a friend along even if its for support but a mom would do in a pinch.

      It sounds like you did real good on your time. I love the photos, especially the sunset pics.

      That schedule, I hope, it NOT too much pressure to complete. It looks exhausting to me. Just reading it is exhausting. I am so exhausted I can hardly write this comment. LOL!

  3. Mom-the link was in the post for the watch. That is what I have done. Although, I didn't run yesterday. You should see my official marathon schedule. It's way more activity than this.

  4. I agree,that is one crazy,insane schedule. But if anyone can do it I'm sure you can. Good luck!! BBD


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