Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Prepare for the Zombieapocalypse

National Running Day is a day designated for you guessed it, running. It's a day when runners everywhere regardless of skill level show their passion for running and it also motivates people to get off the couch for their first run (ultimately creating the running addiction that most of us endure daily). It is held on the first Wednesday of June. In 2011, they sparked the I Run...campaign to allow people to get more involved. I can't take credit for the title, because someone on the website wrote that for their running reason. I had to have it for my own reasoning to run this year, because we should all be building our endurance to outrun the zombies.

Due to the heat and getting over my back injury, I completely passed National Running Day up last year. I remember running on this day in 2010, because that was the first time I ever ran at Memorial Park. Therefore, I wasn't going to miss it this year. I was worried that my weird and mysterious toe bruise thing would prevent me from running (biking works just fine), but my foot felt good all day. I even put on my tennis shoes for a little jog in the apartment to see how it would react. All signs pointed to yes. I was running on National Running Day in 2012.

At first, I was just going to drive up to Hermann Park and do a light run around, but I got ambitious. I decided on using the fifth way to celebrate this day by putting on some SPF 30 and walking up to Hermann Park.

Now, you are probably thinking, "Hey, she's done that before." I have, but this time, I was going to walk back a different way. Okay, what really happened was that I started to walk up there and realized that I'm on the sunshine side only (no shade whatsoever). As soon as I turned down the all sun street, I quickly knew that I had made a very big mistake. I should have gone the other side with more shade. Consequently, I made my decision to keep on this path, run in Hermann Park, and dump out on the other side for my run/walk back home on the shaded side. Since I saw some great paths for an easy exit point to the other side on my Monday bike ride, I thought I would try it. This would be something completely different for me and I was looking forward to it. Granted, at this point of the walk, I just wanted to be in the shade. My runs were changed quickly based on whether or not I would get some shade.

The plan was to walk up there; however, as I crossed the street to get to some shade, I didn't stop running until I hit the light. In fact, I ran (slow and light) between the rest of the lights and also once I got in to Hermann Park. My path was the clockwise route as per usual, but I decided to stop at the bathrooms for a water break. I ran the shortcut path, because I didn't want to be exposed to the sun by continuing on the regular way. As I came out from the shortcut, I made a quick stop for more water at the driving range and then continued on with my run. I stopped somewhere for a little bit, because I began to feel the effects of the sun. This is about the time I noticed the pain in my foot, especially when I walked. The ironic thing was that my toe didn't bother me when I ran, but I had to make walking stops so I didn't overheat.

I saw Hermann Park's version of the adult playground and walked straight for the monkey bars. I quickly learned that suntan lotion and sweat doesn't make it easy to grip. I never made it passed the third bar. Feeling like a loser, I walked over to the fountain for some water when I saw this girl doing crunches. I thought why not and headed for the other bench, but a guy beat me to it. I decided that it was fate for me to just keep going. I mean I DID do 30 squats that morning. That's something, right?

I picked up the run again and just walked/ran at different points, while jamming out to my ipod. I wasn't thinking about how many miles I ran or how much I actually ran; I just ran and walked when I felt tired. I was going on the path to see where it would take me. After awhile, I saw the gas station and stopped in for a bottle of water.

I basically kept up the run until I hit a light for a rest. When I passed Holcomb, my foot really started to hurt (mainly because I was walking more). I called Mal, because I didn't think I would make it home. It was the first time that I had done this before, but I got alittle too ambitious with my run.

Note to self:  When your foot injury starts to feel better, don't go for a long run on the first day.

Even though it was a slow run and had lots of walking, I still felt good for getting out there on National Running Day. I took a shower when I got home and went out for some delicious sushi with Mal (my roomie for a couple of months) and her friend from England, Carly.

On a side note, I'm trying to do the following exercise plan each morning; however, I can't do the planks really well due to this toe thing. I also haven't done the bicep curls, because I need to get the weights out of my car. I've done the squats every morning, but I vary on the other exercises.


  1. YAY you did it this year and a great adventure too! COOL! Keep it up you're doing GREAT! :)


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