Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012, Looking Up

I have to say that I stole Up from another blog. It was just so good and it applied to what I wanted from this new year. It was a hard year and I had some awful things happen, but I also had some really great things happen. So, I want to look up for 2012 whether it's part of my professional or personal life. With that, I have some goals for this year (screw resolutions) even though some are not exercise related:
  • Run a marathon (unless injury happens) possibly in November or December.
  • Organize my personal life, including getting a new file cabinet and really fixing it up where I have my documents in one spot.
  • Organize my professional life, because I have gotten lazy with document organization. I managed to organize my own folders on my computer, but not the company folders like I'm suppose to be doing.
  • Make it to 2013 without an injury, PLEASE. Although, I am having a scope done on my ankle putting me out for a max 6 weeks, but that's an old injury.
  • Make it to 2013 without losing a camera or other tool.
  • Start my new Houston blog and really get it out there.
  • Post my running blog everywhere instead of just to my family and friends.
  • Run in the El Chupacabra race (hopefully with Sara and Kris).
  • Join the Houston Hash (hopefully this Sunday with Sara and Kris).
  • Drink all 200 beers at the Flying Saucer and get my plate.
  • Pick up learning Spanish again.
  • Travel somewhere new internationally. I'm so thankful for going to England (twice), because I learned to travel on my own and I met a special someone who also helped me check Ireland off my list of places to visit.
  • Travel somewhere new domestically. My grandmother has wanted forever to go to Mt. Rushmore and this year, we are going to make that happen.
  • Hike a bigger mountain with Ashley either in Colorado or in California, putting our books to good use.
  • Kayak with Haley in Seabrook using the groupon deals, because they expire in February.
  • See Hiroko's new baby girl, Emma. I see a pattern of going to California alot this year.
  • Realize that I'm not at the dropzone and I can't just be dumping the f bomb anywhere I go now.
  • Go back to the racetrack and get Franz up to high speeds.
  • Learn to make a sushi roll.
  • Learn to drink and possibly like wine. Yes, this was a big one for me and one I bragged about alot.
Does anybody have any goals for this year?

I will like to add that I have done three runs at Hermann Park with Remington. Most of them were good and I did the full loop at roughly 2 miles. However, my new ipod thinks it's almost 3 miles. I calibrated it finally and hopefully, that will fix the issue. They weren't the greatest of runs, because I have to stop for Remi, but I was out there running. And I'm a walrus right now. I need all the help I can get.

I have to mention one run, because I was given a compliment. I just got done picking up Remi's poop and this guy was yelling at me. He flagged me down and came over to thank me for cleaning up after my dog. He was so appreciative and I felt happy that a stranger noticed.


  1. First of all, I LOVE your new blog format! Second, I love your goals, and I have full faith that these goals are much doable and that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind and heart to. I will be rooting for you this year! My only wish is that your surgery is successful. I will being praying for your speedy recovery.

    Everyone who owns a dog should be responsible after their pets "business." Too many times I have been walking the granddaughters at the park, only to find big piles of poop. That was very nice of the gentleman to be so appreciative. But, was he cute???

  2. Thanks mom. i have no idea if I'm going to stay with this format or not. I'm still deciding.

    No and he was old and big.

  3. I went to the blog about "UP" that you linked. I didn't know its the Year of the Dragon. I have a cool picture just for the occasion

  4. Need a pit crew for Franz? I am available - pending other commitments, of course.

  5. Excellent goals! I can also relate to the traveling somewhere new domestically and internationally this year. Also I need a website this year. Good luck on all of your goals- I know you'll succeed.

  6. @Jim, I always need a pit crew. I won't be able to do the February DZ, but I can look at the May one.

    @Anonymous, Thanks so much. If you put your mind to it, you can get anything done...or at least that's what they tell me.

  7. You sound very upbeat and positive and happy. I hope that is all true. You deserve great things.

  8. Okay, "Learn to make a sushi roll". I just saw an episode of Bobby Flay Throwdown where the master showed Bobby Flay how to make a sushi roll. I have wanted to do this for a long time too.

    It looks like you will have a 2012 full of drinking and running! Good luck.

  9. Hey, if you ever want to join me in a class, let me know. They always have livingsocial deals for sushi making.

    And it's not all drinking...only a few things. Mostly exercising and organizing my life again.

  10. I admire your goals! I too am focusing on my running this year and want to incorporate better training elements like hills, speed work, etc. into my routine. I hate those so much, but I want to increase my speed! I also want to go to yoga regularly (good for runners!). Good luck with your surgery!


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