Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Most Epic Run...EVER

The conversation went something like this with MaloRee at the beginning of the week (paraphrasing, of course, because I don't remember the exact words used)...

KW:  I'm alittle worried because I haven't ran over 6 miles and I have that half marathon coming up December 4.
Mal:  Kristi (in a scolding voice like my mother does), you need to start getting on this.
KW:  I know.
Mal:  You need to run 10 miles this week.
KW:  I know I do (sticking out my tongue to the phone).

So, I set out on a mission to at least run 7 miles this week, because I really didn't think I was up to running 10 miles.  It's not good for the body when you push it from 6 miles to 10 miles in a couple of days with little training. I enlisted Haley to run since she's running the half marathon with me and could use the extra miles, as well. I'm pretty sure she hasn't ran 7 miles either. After a few debates, our destination was decided; we would use the NASA track on Sunday for our big 7 mile run. How cool is that? I mean, it's no skydiving in to NASA, which I have done, but it's still cool. However, Sunday came. Due to my excessive fun time in to the wee hours at a Halloween party (thank you Nick and Melissa), I didn't get my car until after 1 p.m. on Sunday. 

Everytime I look at this picture, I crack up. It's the last picture in a series of this particular shot. And yes, that's Waldo in the background...sans hat.

By then, Haley decided to come over to my house on the condition that I run the entire 7 miles (whining, screaming, and hitting was allowed); I can do the slow slow slow jog instead of walking. I also would come to NASA on Thursday evening and Sunday to run. The feeling is that Haley comes over to my area to run alot and I don't go there. I thought I would be nice and return the favor; however, I think I'm getting screwed on this deal.

The plan was to run the 1.8 miles up to Hermann Park...yes, that's right, I said run. Then, we would run around the "3 mile" loop around the park (which is only half the park). I put that in quotes, because we learned that it wasn't 3 miles at all, but really 1.98 miles. After our first loop around, we realized that it was probably close to 2 miles (and that's what we used to calculate how many loops we needed to run) even though I was sure it was 2.5 miles. We would do the 2 loops or adjust where we needed and then run back.

Haley got there and I was in a cleaning frenzy. So, I had her help me take out the trash. Then, we stretched and started walking for our warmup. I realized that I hadn't eaten since 9 a.m. and questioned whether I should go back to eat a quick PB&J. Of course, logical reasoning was totally thrown out the window so that we could get this day (run) started. Hey, at least I wasn't running with a hangover, but I probably could have drank a little more water. Okay, I could have drank a lot more water.

As soon as we got out of the apartment complex, we started running. It was so cool outside, but totally sunny. Thankfully, I had my hat on since I lost my new running glasses (found them btw, in case you cared). We ran passed a construction zone and got hollered at for being cute. I waved and thanked him for the compliment. Finally, we got to the park and started running around. We just kept a steady pace and every so often, I would tell Haley to slow it down or bring it back. I'm not sure what all we discussed, but it was a lot since it kept my mind distracted. Once we got near the zoo, it got a little crazy with traffic and kids and kids in costumes (Annual Zoo Boo was happening). Some guy yelled out the car window, "RUN." I assumed he was talking to us since we were the only ones running. I wanted to give him a 1 finger salute, but there were kids around. So, I thanked him and waved back. At this point, I mentioned why I like running in Memorial Park better, because everyone is there to exercise. You don't get yahoos yelling out the window at you or barking at my dog (which they have done to Remi). We ran in to this couple looking for the golf clubhouse, which I vaguely pointed them in the right direction with a shortcut. Later on, we ran in to them and he gave us a "nice shortcut." I thought he was being nice and Haley thought he was being rude. After I thought about it, I think he was being rude, but hey, it wasn't my fault his wife wore high boots to a walkathon at the zoo and dressed your baby up in a hot, brown velvet pantsuit. I sent the golf club employee over there to show them where to go. Haley told us to speak of it no more, because we have done what we can.

Haley and I still kept up the pace even on the second time around and I was actually feeling good. We just kept on running without a stop. However, I was still telling her to slow it down, bring it back. When we were passing the pagoda, Haley wanted some water and I was right there with her, but the fountain wasn't for awhile. So, we did pick up the pace and had our only stop at the fountain (can't drink and move like that successfully), but it was short, very short. I don't consider that a stop at all.

We got back on the path and all of sudden, we heard this loud bird noise coming from the trees to our right. It sounded like a hawk and then we saw this majestic bird swoop over to the tree and start a fight with another hawk (I said mating, but whatever). It was loud and crazy and then the hawk left. I was dumbfounded. I turned to Haley, "Was that a hawk? I mean, that was a hawk, right? I'm not crazy that I just saw that, am I?" She said that it was a hawk. How cool was that to see hawks on your run in downtown Houston?  I think it's totally cool.

As we were getting close to the point where you head back home or do another lap, we decided to just run home. I think in hindsight, we should have ran around 1 more time and then walked home, but whatever. We still kept the pace and I stupidly mentioned how I was feeling good even though we did a lot. And at that point, my left knee started hurting. I was already missing the running path and how good it feels on your knees and legs. We kept on running all the way to the street by my apartment where we had our one and only true stop to walk. All in all, we ran 7.1 total miles without stopping, but 7.6 miles total of everything. This was a huge accomplishment for me since this is the most that I have ever ran before in my life. But this isn't the only first for this epic run. It was the first time that I ran to the park and back (normally, I walk up there to run and here lately, I've been driving) and it was the longest that I have ever ran without stopping. The only thing I can say is that I need to rest for a walk much sooner, because my knee is still killing me after 2 days.

When we made it back to the apartment, Haley and I stretched good for several minutes before we went inside. And this is where I started to get sick...oh and I could barely move or stand up straight. I ate to eat, because I needed something in my system, but I felt nauseas. I almost puked a couple of times. After a couple of hours, the feeling subsided and I ate pizza rolls. I know they aren't healthy, but I needed something quick for my ravenous appetite. Haley tried to eat everything in my pantry.

Next up, we are going to go for 8 miles on Thursday and if not, for sure on Sunday. I think I'm finally getting less nervous about the half marathon.


  1. There aren't many folks that will whistle or holla atcha when running the NASA track... But since you will be practically in my back yard, I might just do that :)

  2. Its good to see you are doing so well. Happy or u! Jaky


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