Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So, What's He Look Like? A Dummy.

On Saturday, Haley and I headed to Memorial Park for a run. She has never been to this park and I felt like doing a full 3 mile loop around, going easy on my knees. We took our before shot, did a quick stretch by the shaded trees, and started walking at the 3 mile marker. The plan was to walk a little more, but we ran across the street so a car could drive and then decided to just keep running.

I have tried everything to get this picture to turn right side up. Note to self, take pictures with camera right side up. Anyhoo...this is Haley and I in our before shot (I believe it's the 3rd picture we tried to take that made us look human).

So, where did you come up with this title? This was a conversation that we were privy to as these 2 guys passed us. I really wanted to run with them more and just listen to them, because they were funny. Sadly, we never saw them again.

Dude 1:  So, what did he look like?
Dude 2:  A dummy.
Dude 2:  He's a trust fund baby.
Dude 1:  So, what did he look like?
Dude 2:  A dork.

Yeah, that was pretty funny to us, too and we just kept repeating it over and over again throughout our entire run.

Okay, back to the run.

We ran for almost 1.5 miles without stopping. The water station was just before the marker, but I had to stop. Since Haley and I took some time dragging ourselves out of bed, we got there when it was getting hot. Water was much needed. But I felt stupid when I walked 10 ft passed the water station and saw the marker. I could have made it there. Grrrr.

We walked, we ran, we walked, we ran, we sprinted when we saw the 3 mile marker again and gave eachother high fives. Our plan was to head over to the adult playground to do some crunches and other workouts, but Haley somehow convinced me to go another loop. I was worried about running another loop, because I haven't been running much during the week...okay, at all and then I'm doing these big 6 mile runs on Saturday. That's not good for training. But Haley ASSURED me that we would walk. ASSURED...laughing now. We walked maybe close to the Beck's Prime when she was begging me to run. So, I obliged. We ran to the shaded area and then I stopped. We picked up another run, but that was all I could muster. Now, it was getting hot and my legs were burning. Then, I called Haley a liar. Yup, that's right...a liar. Don't believe her wicked lies!

Well, then we walked all the way around for the rest of the 3 mile loop. Sometimes, when the sun was too much, we headed on the trail in the shade. And here are some pictures of our run...well, at this point, this is our walk, which is why I had some time to take some pictures.

Such determination to get through this.

A smile of a liar. Yup, that's what it looks like.

Haley is desperate to get back to the sun.

Yeah, we aren't having any fun together.

Look at the hotties at Memorial Park...oh we didn't get them in this photo. Just kidding. I was talking about us silly.

I think we did a quick sprint at the end when we reached the 3 mile marker again. And then, we headed to the shaded area to do some final stretching and take our after sweaty shot. We also did some stretching at Cafe Express and Hobby Lobby.

The look of unsure of what day it was, where I was, who I was.

So, all in all, we probably ran 2 miles total and walked 4. That's not too bad, but it could be better. I'm really trying to get up early to run, but I just slept in this morning. Motivation...need it. Where to find it?

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