Monday, August 9, 2010

A 5K in a Hotel Gym

I haven't been running much this week for two reasons: the heat (heat index of 105-110, which means that it feels like those temps) and Jodi and I couldn't synchonize our schedules. When I got off work, it was just too hot to run and by the time it was somewhat decent, I was so not even in the mood anymore. Sitting on the couch can surprisingly make you dorsel. But Jodi was pretty much the same way. Shoot, at 9 p.m., it was still hot.

For Todd's birthday, we went on a spontaneous trip to Louisianna at L'auberge Dulac. This is a very beautiful hotel with a great staff and also is the closest thing you will get to Las Vegas in the South. Jodi and I had scheduled running time that we both were actaully going to make. Since Todd and I left on Thursday at about 2 p.m., I had to cancel. I even took off work to go have fun with my husband. We also brought Potter, Nate, and Amy (my running girl) with us for a 2 day partyfest.

However, by Friday, I was feeling the disgust and flab everywhere. I had already told Amy that I was bringing my shoes to run and that she should, as well. She did, but then she had a little too much to drink and was too hungover to run. I was still going to go regardless and Potter decided he wanted to go.

We decided on the gym since it was air conditioned and Potter needed a trash can close by in case of vomiting. It was a nice gym with free water and TVs all around. The treadmills had their own personal TVs. After I did some stretching, I selected the 5K run option and got about running. The treadmill automatically adjusted your run speed, which was fine at the beginning. However, I was not in the mood to run at 6.6; I wanted to run at 5.5 (or maybe even 6.0). That was really hard when you are running and then it just switches to 6.6, which catches you off guard and you almost slip. My leg started to hurt, which is another injury I'm dealing with right now. I pushed through it, but it was not easy. When I got to 3 miles, the thing kept going; I forgot a 5K is actually 3.3 miles. Finally, I got to the end and boy was I tired. Potter did 6 miles on the treadmill.

I do like running on the treadmill, because I can see all of my mileage, calories burned, distance average, etc. However, we both felt like we weren't going anywhere. It's not always fun to run long distances on a treadmill.

Afterwards, I did some weight lifting. I used the dumbbells, stability ball thing, and the ab ball thing (which I never seem to make that thing work right). I was glad to have the opportunity to do other things besides running, while keeping fairly cool. I felt so good afterwards and I was so ready to go to the pool and just relax.

On a side note, I did some training (7 jumps total) with the Outlaws on Saturday. Those are always good leg workouts. I was going to run on Sunday, but my leg was hurting way too much. I have my first 10K next Saturday evening in Galveston and I need to keep me not injured.

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